Mobile Chicken phone!

Not a wordless Wednesday.. Migraine day.. again.. Leave you here with a "nice" Banner that I took a picture of while in Singapore. For my Chinese speaking readers, translation for Mobile phone... "Ji" should not be "Chicken". Please look up the Chinese dictionary before making banners.. else who knows what hungry people put on their banners.. Sigh..


Jasmine Shanea said...

I want a hand goose. not a hand chicken. hahaha... better model. or maybe a hand turkey. haha...

DineometerDeb said...

Oh bummer. Hope your migraine gets better soon! I will be linking to you in my upcomming post!

Take care

Alexys Fairfield said...

Hi SheR,
Just sending you love and good wishes. Hope your migraine goes away. :D

SheR. said...

Thanks to all who sent me so many well wishes!!! I'm fine today! I'll resume normal posting! I'm in a great mood!!!

>> Jasmine sweetie.. No goose please.. Me not into any hand poultry. Hahahah..:P

>> Dineometer hey hey! Wah! Thanks for linking!!! Much appreciated! Cheers.

>> Alexys, ma cherie.. Thanks. It went away after so much attention. :P Me ze attention seeker! Ha!

Syari said...

glad that you are better sher.

He he he, you sure can find plenty of funny signs like this anywhere. LOL

SheR. said...

>> Thanks Syari Sayang! :)
Have a good weekend!!! We were really exhausted today from all the eating and packing!!!

Funny Signs.. that I wonder to laugh or to pity them?

My mum told me it's just another marketing technique???