Removal of E211 from Diet Coke

Our dear old Coca Cola has announced the removal of E211 or Sodium Benzoate from its production lines (in particular Diet Coke) in January.

Hooray! Consumers 1: Sodium Benzoate 0!

Here's the news article for more information.

What is E211?
Also called Benzoate of Soda. It is a preservative, predominantly found in salad dressings, jams and carbonated drinks.

What's the health risk?
When combined with Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C or E300), they form Benzene which is a carcinogen. Heat, Light and Shelf Life (the products time spent on the shelves) can also promote Benzene formation.

Besides this, E211 is also linked to Hyperactivity in children.

Read about Sodium Benzoate through this Wikipedia link.


Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

Good morning from the Philippines:-)

Yes, and about coke, to think that I used to drink it almost 4 times a day when I was in my first two years in college. And then I began having symptoms of peptic ulcer. That's when I stopped.

And think about all the diabetes causing sugar it contains, freely sold before in school cafeterias. Ugh!


SheR. said...

Hi hi sweet smelling Lotus Flower!

Ooo... you used to drink that much Cola?? I'm quite an addict myself. Whenever I feel hot, I crave for Cola. Once a day.. But now my fiance banned me from drinking. Heee..