To GM or not to GM?

This is not my first post about GM food. I had to touch on this topic again after reading the recent articles in Food Navigator.com concerning the benefits of GM crops. Here's another article if you are interested to read further after this post.

I'm sure all of us are affected by the rising global food prices. Everything is going up. A 5kg pack of rice in Singapore is going for as much as 20 SGD (almost 7 GBP). I'm lucky that I've switched my diet to one that is less dependant on rice as it is double the price here for a pack of Thai Jasmine rice that I used to eat.

So the only solution as the experts claimed is GM crops. Wait a minute. I'm advocating GM crops now? Actually I'm still sitting on the fence regarding this issue. I'm aware of the possible health threats that these GM crops posed. But with a growing demand for food and soaring food prices, GM might save lots of hungry people, non? Well... on the other hand, some of you might say, so it's all right for us to dump those franken foods and pass it to those that can't afford "normal" food like us? Ethically wrong? What's your say?


uncommon said...

"a pack of Thai Jasmine rice that I used to eat."


As expensive as rice gets: a plate of it costs how much?

5KG of rice is how many plates?


DineometerDeb said...

I'm wondering what foods are still an economical buy anymore. Maybe potatoes?

SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate! Good weekend!
Erm.. I really have no idea... how many plates of rice we get.
Usually we go by how many weeks a pack of rice can lasts us.
But it's been a long time since I eat rice daily.. hard to say. I'll find out for you!

>>Dineometer! Hello to you too!
Hm.. Potatoes prices might rise very soon too after people start switching to less expensive food.

C K said...

You mean you're still consuming Jasmine rice in Croatia? I've switched to the generic Long Grain rice that retails in London for 46p per 500g pack.

The govt has advice people to switch to potatoes to cut cost...

SheR. said...

Dear CK.. I cannot eat other type of rice besides Thai Jasmine. I'm spoilt. Muahahah