Two empty PET bottles and a packet of Tortilla Chips later

ASDA! Wanna sponsor me for advertising on my blog?

That pretty much sums up our trip to the capital of Croatia today. It was to settle our documents for my long awaited visa in Croatia. Hopefully all required documents are in order.

We had a chance to pop over to one of the big shopping malls in Zagreb - King Cross. All right laugh at the name.. a bad imitation? Doesn't matter really. It has more variety and prices of certain stuff are cheaper than in Rijeka my town.

The title suggested what we ate in total... including two homemade Garlic Chicken sandwiches. Yummy! I love homemade. Well.. before you shoot me for eating junk.. I have to admit I love Tortilla.. or Nachos. I prefer them Corn Chips over the plain old Potato Crisps (Chips whatever you call them in your country). I couldn't stop the temptation of popping those chips as they are so crunchy!

Since it's the weekend, let's lay everything out on the table. What's your favourite junk food? Eh? Eh? Tell me!!!


Syari said...

My favourite junk food is Potato chips!! In fact I have two jumbo sized packets of potato chips next to me. Not eating now though, still got stomach discomfort. Been having it on and off for a week now.

My Bug Life said...

The good o'l Twisties and Cheezels..:D

eastcoastlife said...

I love preserved fruits - sweet and sour. Remember the sng buay (dried sour plums) that can distort your face. hahaha....

I love the chips and crispies too but cannot eat every day becos they are heaty stuff.

C K said...

ASDA is in Croatia as well?? It's really big in Europe isn't it? Other than the UK, there's quite a presence in France as well...

My junk food? Definitely potato chips or what's known as crisp in the UK!

Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

I hope that you're well as always:-)

My favorite junk food is potato chips. My son always manage to bring home Frito Lays; quite expensive because it's made in the U.S.

We have local brands and I must admit they taste mighty the same. I also like shrimp crackers, the local variety as well.

But I don't get to eat these stuff as much as I want to. Health reasons you see. When I get the chance to hide and cheat, I add olive oil to my catsup dip. Ugh! Add 8 ounces of carbonated black drink. Eeew :-)


SheR. said...

>> CK Hi hi!
No no.. I took the pic while I was in London. ASDA was one of my favourite supermarkets. ASDA is under Walmart... that makes ASDA American owned isn't it?

We only have ALDI over here. And other Croatian Hypermarts... not forgetting InterSpar.

We poor folks over in Cro are not overrun by Tesco's yet...unlike our neighbour, Hungary. Pity them :P

Walkers!! Marmite Crisps!!!! Email one over! Mucho gracias!

SheR. said...

>>Hello Sweet Lotus Flower. I'm fine now. Thanks a lot :)

Lay's Potato chips! I like them too. Only get them in SG. Loads! I still prefer Pringles for some strange reason.. perhaps it's the logo ;)

Nasty habits we have there.. junk food! Heee...We know it's bad but we can't stop isn't it?

SheR. said...

>>My lady ECL..
No Sng buey for me.. thanks. Can't stand the smell of any one of those stuff that my mum adores! ARghs!!

Yeah everything fried is "heaty"! :P But hey it's pretty cool in Croatia right now.. so I don't care! Ha!

SheR. said...

>>Shutter Buggie!!! *hugs*
I love Twisties (BBQ flavour)!!! I miss them.... oh... *sobs*

SheR. said...

>> Syari sayang..
Always can read my mind.. pass some of those chips over. Thanks ;)

Oh take care of your stomach. Refrain from spicy food. I know it's tough.. just look after yourself over there! *hugs*

uncommon said...


Salsa and Chips, (the salsa is okay, but the chips are naughty).

Brusters Ice Cream, Almond Chocolate Coconut is to die for, and I probably will........hopefully not yet.

I only eat the above: ONCE a week, and then not when the wife is watching: or I would be dead, there and then!


SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate..
Bet you are indulging in one of those you stated right now when your missus is not around. :P

TheGrumpyChef said...

My favourite junk food has to be a delectable Chocolate fudge cake, smothered with gently warmed custard and finished with a Belgian Chocolate Sauce. Either that or Salt and Vinegar Crisps/Chips! So glad the Visa came through. Keep the blog going......Loving It!

SheR. said...

>>Hey hey Chef!!1 Thanks for popping by! Great to see you!

Oh.. I miss a nice chocolate pudding now! With chocolate sauce. Used to get those microwavable ones from Sainsbury's Yummmmmy!!

Visa still needs at least one month to get through.. Arghs.. no choice!! I've waited long enough.. one month is nothing now!