Ur Resident Chef's Gardening Time again 2

It's been two months since I shown your pictures of my little treasures.

Here are the reports:
  • My basil plants have departed after the Aphids attack (T___T) *sobs*
  • Rosemary is still going strong. *praying hard*
  • Chilli plants are nice and strong. Will take a long while before I'll see chillies though. Ha!
  • Coriander plants hate overcrowding. But I have no choice as I only have a pot to squeeze them in.

Lots of sunshine is what my plants love. Let's pray for more to come! Wish that my last Basil will survive. Probably they hate the change in environment? Or is it the soil? Tips for growing Basil anyone?


piebuko said...

Goodluck with your plants, Sher! More sunshine kisses for them! :)

SheR. said...

Thanks Piebuko!! :)

uncommon said...


I would love to see the pictures of your peppers..and while I know little about pot growing plants...that soil does look a bit damp.


My Bug Life said...

It's so nice to be able to grow your own herbs right in the garden. Over here, almost everything's from the supermarket unless they are local herbs.

icepricessa said...

hope your plants make it through and come out nice and green! =)

DineometerDeb said...

Hm. No tips. My friend is growing it and she has two plants, both grown in equal conditions but one is thriving, one is scrawny.

SheR. said...

>> Brendan mate.
I will post the pictures of my chilli peppers! I promise. Now it seems like a long wait. Haha..

Oh.. I just watered those little treasures. Was burning hot.

>>Shutter buggie. Hi hi!
We don't have a garden but we do have a little balcony for such purpose!
Loving my little plants and watching them grow!

SheR. said...

>>Icepricessa Hi dears!

Thanks for the well wishes. :)

>> Dineometer.. thanks for the thought. I wonder what went wrong with my basil plants. It's not the first time I'm growing them. Have grown lots of them in Singapore and London (indoors) and they were thriving even if I didn't water them for a week.

happy herbs said...

Hi Sher,

I am sure you've tried talking to your plants. Makes them feel wanted, just like as humans. Afterall thye are also alive like us.


SheR. said...

Happy herbs! Sure I talk to them on a daily basis. People around me thought I'm crazy! Hee... I get very sad when they die. :( Just like a friend is gone.