The End is the Beginning

Goodbye to my dear mates who came to visit me for a couple of weeks in Croatia. Hope you have enjoyed the trip and have a feel of Croatian life. All the best for your Great Italian Escape!

For my dear readers and blogger mates, hope you will come back to read my posts daily. As posting will resume. So does the baking! Don't forget me!


C K said...

Hey, you're back at long last! Hope that the hiatus have given you some inspiration... btw, how was the new flat coming along?

BK said...

Welcome back! Wish that you had a great birthday too! :)

SheR. said...

>>CK mate!
Thanks for the concern. The new flat is great. We are now planning what colour to paint the walls to make it look even better!
We have a nice seaview here. Will post it up today!

>>BK my old pal.
Thanks for the well wishes! Back to posting!