Filler Picture from Ur Resident Chef's Garden

Here's my little Chilli plants sitting on my window sill at my new flat...They are going strong! Hoorah! Currently there are new additions to my patch... Introducing the Turmeric and Lemongrass.. hope they will survive the Croatian summer like my chilli plants. Till the next update... take care!


C K said...

Wow, that looks pretty high (talk about the flat). Must be above the 5th floor.

Anyway, the last time I tried growing some chilli, there was lots of insects attracted to it. I abandoned it before there were even fruits..

eastcoastlife said...

Hello Sher!
You have finally finished your moving! I miss you.

I hope your herbs and spices grow.... I have quite a low chance of them growing... I have black thumbs. haha....

SheR. said...

>> CK mate!! Hello!!!!
You were right my flat is on the 6th floor! Spot on!!!
I know what insects you are talking about CK.. Those aphids that killed my coriander and basil.. :(
This time I'll look out.

Aiyoh... next time I pass you some of my mum's plants.. so you don't have to grow them from seedlings.
My mum packed turmeric, calamansi and lemongrass!! I'm going to take good care of them this time! Sayang them everyday! ;)
I'll be back soon...

Jasmine Shanea said...

This picture reminds me of how much I love chilli but can't eat it cos I'm having sore throat. Sigh.

Don't worry babe, I am not totally going out of the blogging circle but rather just taking things slower. :)

I will never forget you... or your promise to teach me baking! muahahaha.

eastcoastlife said...

Oh, so kind of you! I want!

How you know I grow them from seedlings? I'm so silly hor. :)

C K said...

Really, I can't believe I got it right! Haha, I'll go get lotto later...

I recall you use to have a plot of land in front of your old place... I'm sure you miss that now, don't you?

BK said...

Wow, it seems that the chilli plants are growing well. Nice view from your new place : )

SheR. said...

Muacks muacks! Good to see you here. I'm trying to catch some sleep after suffering from a lack of it since my mates were here.

Will get back to baking soon!!

SheR. said...

I have good intuition. :P
My previous batch of coriander have all died. The new batch is growing up fine.
Now taking care of my chilli plants and lemongrass!
Don't worry.. I will bug my mum to take care of her plants so I can give you some next year when I go home!;)

SheR. said...

>>CK mate
Frankly I'm not missing that place that much as I thought we would. I have a huge balcony here. Can slowly fill it up with all my dear plants! :)

lala said...

Good luck with your chili plants. Looks like you also have a fabulous view!


SheR. said...

Thanks Lala!
Yes we have a fantastic view from our windows over here!
My chilli plants are surviving well!