How do you handle the heat?

In Singapore, the hotter the weather, the spicier the food gets. Have a bowl of HOT Chilli Crabs and top that off with a nice bottle of Tiger Beer. Or when my plate of Chicken Rice looks bland, request for the extra spicy Garlic Chilli Sauce!

My fiance found it really odd that we can handle all those spicy food in our all year round hot summer weather. But I guess the amount of perspiration generated from those spices washed down with a nice cold beer is truly a good way to finish off a meal.

Over here in Croatia, everyone is trying to cool themselves in this hot summer heat by dipping in the sea. It's no wonder there are hoards of locals + thousands of tourists hanging out at the beaches.

However, it's unusual that Iced Coffees are not a common sight during the summer. The closest thing to Iced Coffee in caffee bar is Nescafe Frappe. Most locals opt for the usual Macchiato (Espresso with a splash of cold milk or foam). Hot coffee in hot weather? That's the Croatian way.

In my home, I have a supply of fresh fruits and not forgetting to freeze a tray of Granita in the freezer for my fiance. Granita (or Granité) are really flavoured ice very similar to their counterparts in Singapore. However, it's mostly natural flavourings using simple ingredients like lemon juice or a little more exotic lemongrass in my restaurant. Most recipes do not require gelatine but our little patissière trick is to add sufficient gelatine to set the ice without turning it into Jelly. Yet it helps to slow down the melting process. For those interested in the Granita recipe, drop me a comment and I'll gladly send you one.

Speaking of summer fruits, we found this really sweet summer pears in our supermarket. Less than half the size of an average pear, these little cuties have nice juicy flesh without the usual crunch of bigger pears. Like them? Come over to Croatia to try them out in the summer!


My Bug Life said...

I love my cup of tea..whether in the cold of winter or all-year round summer..so I guess I understand about ppl having their hot coffee in hot weather..hhehhe.

I am curious though..by adding lemongrass to the ice..what's the taste like?

SheR. said...

I love hot english tea when I am relaxing. Hot cup of coffee when I'm out with mates in a caffee. But I miss all the cold desserts in SG! Ha! :P Ice Kacang... Cendol...drools..

For Lemongrass Granita, we infuse the lemongrass in the liquid! Not adding the actual plant into ice. There shouldn't be any piths or texture in the ice.

Lemongrass has got to be the most versatile ingredient for fusion cooking I love it!!!

BK said...

LOL! Welcome back! Guess what? I just had one of this pears this afternoon. Maybe not exactly the same type but sure looks almost the same. And it tasted sweet too.

SheR. said...

Hello BK my old friend!

Hope you enjoy the pears. Are yours really small like mine? I could fit 4 in a glass!

Take care and eat more fruits!

eastcoastlife said...

How long does it take to fly to Croatia? do I need a visa?

I'm curious about this granita, can I have the recipe? :)

SheR. said...

ECL dear..
To reach us here in Rijeka, it's easiest to fly to Milan which could take up to 16 hours (including transit).

I'll send you recipe in a min. :)

Mavin said...


I am from India. I note your Singaporean origin and undoubtedly you have had an exposure to Indian culture and cuisine.

Use of spices in Indian and most tropical Asian cuisine is a must. I have realised that many spices, apart from enhancing taste and flavour, also act to counter possible harmful effects of some other ingredient.

Many times spices are used to help our bodies cope with climatic factors.

It is fascinating to study the evolution of cuisine and how these were localised and in perfect harmony with nature.

Good to read this and your other blog.


SheR. said...

Hiya Mavin!!!
Welcome to my humble blog! :)
I love Indian cuisine just like I kept telling my other blogger mate Sangeeta. It is one of the big 4.. Indian, Chinese, French and Italian. The most influential cuisines as I see it.

I love spices and yes in Singapore we can't do without them. And I can't imagine cooking without the addition of a dash of pepper or some cinnamon. It truly enhances the dishes! And as you said, it is good for the body too!

Lovely spices!!!

Thanks for visiting my blogs and do come back again!!1