Loving memories from Hvar

Lovingly Homemade Lavender Souvenirs by Amy from Hvar

Finally made my way to Hvar Island on 18th July. Met the nicest people there... Amy and Matko, Amy's Mum, Tea and Dad .. oh no forgetting the cutest dog on earth, Xena!

Sorry this post has nothing to do with food. But hey.. I'm inspired to cook up some nice Lavender creations. Do stay tuned.

Here's a picture to show off my latest hunt from Amy's Lavender stall! Hooray to Lavender!!! Am loving it!


My Bug Life said...

Hi Sher!! You know what..I was just thinking of you this morning and have not heard from you on my blog for quite awhile :) Thanks for the drop!.

I see you visited an island. Me too...recently.

eastcoastlife said...

I love Lavender! Cookig with Lavender!? Can't wait for your recipes. :P

SheR. said...

>>Shutter buggie!
Thanks for the thought.. I just got connected and found sometime to sit down to blog. Trying to get my blogging momentum back. I have a lot of stuff to do around the flat since I just moved in. And I had to clean the flat everything.. mopping, dusting, sweeping. Ha. like a housewife?
We visited two islands in fact. But didn't have pictures of the other one.

SheR. said...

>> ECL!! Hugs hugs!
Yeah.. baking with Lavender soon.
But first I got to finish up those blueberries in my fridge! :)
I'll post soon!!!