Misleading labels on food could be history soon!

The UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) has revised its new guidelines for the labelling of food that may be misleading. Marketing terms carrying "natural" or "fresh" are strongly discouraged and alternative labellings are suggested by the FSA.

Check out this article for further information.

It's about time that consumers are buying properly labelled products. Three cheers for FSA! Hope more regulatory bodies around the world are taking similar actions to protect the consumers like us.


C K said...

I'm a sucker for such labels. "Washed in fresh spring water, ready to eat!" spinach sounds much better than "organic" spinach.

Sometimes I really wonder whether it does make a difference or is it really a placebo?

DineometerDeb said...

Good to see you back! Hope your move went well.

Jasmine Shanea said...

Haha I'm sorry Sher if this comment is so irrelevant to what you just posted (which was still very interesting btw).

I made my second batch of cookies and I've listened to your advice about the whole freezing thingy and it works! OMG. I have round cookies for once! lol..

Wish you were here to critique! Take care Sher!

SheR. said...

>> CK.
Those simple words sure play with our minds isn't it?
I don't trust those labels at all.

>> Dineometer.
Thanks for all the well wishes! I'm feeling great!

>>Jasmine dear!
I'm so glad those cookies turn out right! :) Keep on trying! And yes I will give you an intensive course on baking when I'm back! ;)