A promise, a view

Here's the picture from my living room windows. Hope you like it. Will type longer posts soon. Now trying to get the momentum back since I haven't wrote for a long time! This view sure makes me lazy you know.


pixen said...

wow...that's cool! I love the sea and mountain view! I heard a lot of Croatia...even one of my food supplier married a Croatian lady!

take care


C K said...

WOw, the sea view is really fantastic! Is it possible to have a barbercue at your balcony? I hope you didn't pay too high a premium for that view. :)

DineometerDeb said...

I am beyond jealous of your view. I always wanted a view of water, especially if there is a deck to sit on, sip tea and read a good book.

I do have a nice view from the porch of lovely green mountains, and it is quite pretty but would be nicer if the telephone wires weren't in the way.

SheR. said...

>>Hiya Pixen! Bonjour!
Great to see new people here everyday!
This picture was taken earlier yesterday morning. Not a great shot. Was a little foggy. On a clear day, the view is spectacular! In the evening, those little dots of lights along the coastline is even more awesome!

Hee.. as promised I took a picture! ;)
I can BBQ but I rather not.. I think my neighbours upstairs wouldn't appreciate the smoke! Heee :P The rent was reasonable for our fantastic location!!1
How much would a Londoner have to pay for such a view over River Thames? About 1k GBP a week!! :P Yikes!

>>Dineometer!!! Welcome back!
Woah!! I love mountains too. Do take a pic from your porch and show it to us! :)
The only not so nice thing about this building is we are right where the main traffic to town is.. pollution... car emissions and noise.. ah well.. nothing's perfect!