SOS Food!

Wheee..... I finally got my food supplies from Singapore arriving in the form of two excess luggages flown in from Thai Airways attached to two Singapore ladies!

And on the very first night, the food to satisfy my craving for Singapore food is the one featured above. My Maggi noodles (Assam Laksa flavour)!!! I love this flavour but I’m not a fan of the actual Assam Laksa. And from all the other flavours in the Maggi instant noodles range, this is the most unique as no other brands cam successfully replicate it!

A little history about Maggi.. yes it’s a family name and it originates from Italy. Julius Maggi, an Italian-Swiss was the founder of the Maggi name, being a pioneer in industrial food production. The popular Maggi sauce (a dark sauce that we can often find in supermarkets) was a cheap substitute for meat extract and it became widely used in culinary dishes worldwide especially Germany.

To read more about the Maggi brand, go to this page.

I know Instant Noodles are “evil” as they are made like an industrial product which give the impression that we are eating cooked cardboards. They contain almost no nutrients that is essential to the daily diet except Carbohydrates. Want to get a week’s sodium intake in a single serving? Try eating a pack of Instant Noodles Although brands like Maggi has introduced noodles that contain no MSG, no transfat and less salt, it did not go down well with Instant Noodles lovers such as me!

Back to my craving, and yes, this is the number one item on my shopping list that I sent to my two mates. I call it the SOS food. Yay!! I can survive this winter in Croatia now! What’s your SOS food?


My Bug Life said...

Hahha..that's really apt! When outta food, maggi's ever ready...but don't eat too much though.

Sorry Sher, no recipe for edible brains..maybe next time, I try get food recipes for my food review. More helpful that way.

SheR. said...

Yes madam! I won't!
I need to survive on these 20 packs of Maggi noodles till next year! Haaa :P
What a pity! I love Otak!

BK said...

Wow Maggi! My favorite is the curry flavour. Maggi has the best curry flavour, at least I like their taste better. I still remember the times when I had to survive primarily on instant noodles and I sweared I look almost like instant noodle. I am cutting down quite a lot on instant noodles these days. Don't take too much of it too! :)

SheR. said...

Hey BK!
My brother loves the Curry Flavour too. But I love the slight sourish tang of Assam Laksa!

Yes.. cut down on instant noodles. Not because it will make you look like instant noodles but it has too much sodium!!!

Syari said...

errmmm Sher, I love Maggi asam laksa.

SheR. said...

Syari sayang!! ;)
Ooo.. sama sama... I love Assam Laksa to bits! Heee

pixen said...

Ditto here...LOL

Assam Laksa must be the only one -Maggi- but when none its Maggi Curry. Sometimes, if there're left overs of the Assam Laksa powder sachet I would keep them with other noodles...lol

SheR. said...

Wah pixen!!
You are a big fan of Assam Laksa like me! :)
It seems that the ladies prefer the Assam Laksa flavour while the men stick to Curry. Strange hur?

lina said...

When I was in boarding school, Maggi was my lifeline! Funny, friends overseas when asked what I should bring them when I come visiting was Maggi esp Curry Flavour.
Didn't know that Maggi is an Italian Name. :D
Nowadays, I love Maggi Tomyam. Yummy!

SheR. said...

Heya Lina!!!
Welcome to my blog!!!
Oo.. yes I recall Maggi Tom Yam.. but I prefer the other brand..:X.
We all survive on Maggi noodles when we were students yeah? :)
Lovely days!