Tis the 1st of July!

I'm supposed to write this post earlier.. but I thought it will be a little too early to write it before the birthday month is here.

A sweet friend of mine, Jasmine Shanea of Singapore, is celebrating her birthday together with her hubby on 8th of July!! Wow! Same birthday month as me!

Being the patissiere, I shall dedicate this cake to them. The sweet pineapple cake.. for Jasmine and hubby.

A little about how I know Jasmine..
  • I've never met her in person.
  • I found her blog through Entrecarding. She used to drop 300 a day!!!
  • I like her blog because she reminds me of those long forgotten times in Singapore....
  • Oh... she loves cakes! Heeee...
  • I promised to teach her how to bake when I return to Singapore.

So there you have it.. check out her blog Pixelated Thoughts.


C K said...

You mean you'll actually return to Singapore? Seems like you're pretty comfortable where you're right now.

Hmm... you pretty much tell everyone when's your birthday is now.... nice one there. lol

SheR. said...

Did I?

Oh no matter how long I stay in another country.... I always long for home SG. Must visit next year!!!

Jasmine Shanea said...

Thank you for the cake! Bring it back for me next year! When you and CK do consider coming back to SG for a summer break, holler and we'll all meet up for durians! keke..

You are a july baby too?! Which day?

eastcoastlife said...

You're returning to visit not for good?

I was hoping my son could learn baking from you too. :(

I send him to Croatia! :)

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

I thought all along that you would be settling in Croatia, or at least somewhere in Europe. Or are you returning for a visit?

Ah, there, you answered my question through your response to CK.

So, a very, very Happy forthcoming Birthday to you, my dear friend. You are such a sweet person, in character and in baking. LOL! :-) --Durano, done!

SheR. said...

>>Jasmine sweetest.
No no.. not summer break. I call it Winter break!! I have to escape Winter over here!!!

Not telling when's my birthday..:P Else CK will tease me again! Hahaha...

>>ECL dear..
No probs. Send him over! :)
More than willing to teach him!

>>Durano my dear friend.
Hope I'm not too sweet else everyone will get diabetes from hanging out with me. I like it with a little spiciness!! Hee!!