What do you do with lots of fresh Blueberries?

Thank goodness my in laws went to Gorski Kotar and brought home loads of fresh vegetables ranging from Swiss Chard to Potatoes. Lo and behold when we saw the big tub of Blueberries!!! Wow! It's the size of one baby's bathtub! I've never seen so much fresh blueberries in my whole life. They were so fresh that the berries didn't bleed when I roll them around in my palm!

My Father-in-law insisted I took a small tub full of them back to my flat.

And I was inspired to make some of our favourite Blueberry Muffins! Guess what I even added Lemongrass to one batch! Simply delicious!!!

The nice shiny glaze on the muffins in the picture can be achieved by brushing on some boiled Apricot Jam. It's our bakers' trick to make the confectionery look more appealing!

Have fun trying this out at home! Till the next post, happy baking!


My Bug Life said...

Lovely muffins!

SheR. said...

Absolutely!! I just baked another batch on Friday evening and all gone by Saturday morning! :P

DJ Slimchopstick said...

I only wish I can be your flatmates or neighbor, lol. Keep doing your thing girl. Good luck :)

eastcoastlife said...

Fresh blueberries! Oh wow! *envy*
Can courier some of that muffins over? drooling all over my keyboard lah!

SheR. said...

>>DJ Slim Chopstick! What a name! Welcome to my humble blog!
Hee... Everyone wish to be in my fiance's position. Eat all day! :P
Thanks for your well wishes and do come back again! :D

Sure. I DHL them over...if only they don't Deliver Halfway Lost :P
Ooi.. take care of your keyboard. I don't want you to get electrocuted!

Vishwas said...

Wow...looks really tasty....reminds me of the blueberry cheese cake which i had a month back

SheR. said...

Welcome Vishwas!!!
Blueberry cheesecake sounds divine! Yummy!!!!
Do come back for more food treats on my blog!

Tim said...

They look delicious! Lemongrass is a pretty woody herb though, how did you get it into the muffins while keeping what looks like a beautifully moist texture?

SheR. said...

Hi Tim.
The tip for adding Lemongrass to pastries is moderation. And only use the fresh ones. I used only the bottom half of the stalk and minced it up. It lends a slight lemony flavour to the muffins which is just divine!