Was watching Little Britain on DVD last night. And the scene about Fatfighters left an impression on my mind. According to the lady running the diet programme, if we halved all our food cravings by half, we will cut the calories that we consumed by half. Sounds logical?

But we all know that it's not true. We still consume the same food and the same amount of fats goes into our body. But it's such a tempting concept isn't it?

How do you keep your calories down? Watch your diet closely or simply eat whatever you deem healthy? Share with us your Fatfighters plan! Ta!


yanjiaren said...

I drink a lot of water, weight myself every morning, do loads of exercise and eat lots of fruit. That help break down stuff. Lots of greens are good too.

eastcoastlife said...

As I age, I cannot keep my weight down anymore by dieting. *horrors*

It's so difficult to lose weight as it takes longer time and harder to burn the fats. grrr....

SheR. said...

>>Hello Yan!! Welcome to my humble blog!!! And thanks for leaving a comment!

Oo.. I found that drinking too much water makes me bloated. I rather eat lots of fruits to quench my thirst ;)

>>ECL!! Hugs hugs!
Aiyoh.. I lost all the weight that I gained in London! *lucky*
Now I'm back to my Singapore size 10! Hahahaha :P
I need to watch my diet closely. Don't want to scare you when you see me leh.. Hahaha

Jasmine Shanea said...

SHER!!! Just thought I check back onto the blogosphere to see what you guys are up to! OMG, I just did a post on fitness cos of my latest gym craze.

I used to crave for all things fried, baked and sweetened but ever since I started on my gym regiment... I stopped having such cravings anymore... which is rather weird.

I still do have my ben and jerry's once in a while but I guess when I start exercising, I tend to forget to eat. is that bad? lolz

hope you are doing well! :)

Dutchie said...

U r in the food bizz my dear. Can't u give us an idea what's healthy, yummy n has less than 1200calories a day ?

I hv the same dilemma as ecl * sob*

SheR. said...

O Dutchie!!
I have the same dilemma too. I'm on a patissiere diet.. that means full fat all the time if it tastes good! Hooray!!!