A creation with memories from Hvar

Know what I'm talking about?? If not, let me tell you... Hvar island is also known as the Lavender island. Remember my mate Amy from Hvar gave me a big bag of Lavender. I then promised to make her Lavender cookies and she couldn't wait. The cookies were baked off on Thursday and posted to her in Hvar!

Baking Lavender cookies is no tough job. It is harder to get used to the taste when you first bite into the cookie. For some people, they couldn't help associating that smell to their washroom so they'll never even give the Lavender cookies a chance.

For me, it's not the first time I'm baking Lavender cookies. I've made Lavender chocolate truffles before! I'm in love with the subtle fragrance of this purplish humble flower. The first recipe I tried was too much of a killer..having sourced it off the web. There was too much Lavender flowers and cookies were too dry. If you are interested in Lavender confectionery, remember subtleness is the key. You don't have to kill your food testers with the smell! I find that ONE teaspoon should suffix for a batch of cookies even for muffins.

This is my recipe which is a combination of the basic cookie and shortbread recipes!

Hvar Lavandula Cookies
3/4 cup Butter
1 cup Sugar
1 Egg
1 1/2 cups Flour
1 tsp Lavender Flowers (you can adjust this according to your preference)
1/4 cup Milk

1. Cut Butter into Flour and Sugar till a nice crumble is formed. (If you realise that there are till lumps of Butter remaining, add more flour till a nice crumble is obtained. DO NOT Overmix!)

2. Add Milk, Egg and Lavender Flowers into the Crumble.

3. Mix to a clear dough. Roll into a log shape, cling film and chill till dough if hard enough for cutting.

4. Bake at 170 to 180 degrees C. Serve with a hot cup of Earl Grey! Lovely!


buy penny stock online said...

wow, very special, i like it.

My Bug Life said...

Wow..lavender cookies is the first time I have heard of this..interesting. Hmm..I don't mind giving it a try. I have a potpurri bag of lavender I keep in my bedroom window..:)

SheR. said...

>> Thanks penny stock! :) and Shutter buggie!
It's not a personal creation.

Lavender cookies and confectionery are pretty common in Jersey and Tasmania too. Unfortunately it's not catching on here.

Be sure to try some if you ever get a chance to find some!

DineometerDeb said...

Lavender cookies sound great. My friend grows lavender so I might have to give it a try. Right now I am experimenting with rose flavored syrup. Any suggestions on how to use that?

BK said...

Lavender cookies? I really wonder how it will taste. Can you send me some too? When you were describing the taste, I was wondering how can the smell of lavender be associated with washroom? :P

SheR. said...

>> Dineometer! Hello!!!!
Rose flavoured syrup is a popular ingredient in most Turkish dishes. Turkish delight being the most famous. Though I never experimented with any myself....

In Singapore, we have a drink called Bandung.. think it's milk with Rose syrup.

Let me dig out a link for you..oops I'm sorry it's Rose Water.

I googled Rose Syrup and there are plenty of recipes requiring it for flavouring custards, creams and your favourite beverage!

Have fun and do show us the results! :)

SheR. said...

Most people used Lavender in their toilets to musk the bad smells :P

I will make some for you.. No promise if I could post them to you.

lala said...

mmmm, the lavender chocolate truffles sound yummy, but I'm not so sure about the cookies.

SheR. said...

Hey Lala! Welcome back!

You should try Lavender cookies. It's lovely! :)