Fancy a Tuna Biscuit?

Not the most attractive sleeping position eh?

Was watching our cat munching on his food last evening and I wondered... how tasty can those crunchy and strange smelling cat food be?

I never tasted any cat food nor dog food in my life but I've heard of people who do. They commented that it is indeed delicious. Hm.. probably only the chicken-flavoured biscuits.

Someone has suggested that I should consider opening a pet bakery since it is the latest trend with one of the first shops in tiny Singapore island. Well.. I'm still not convinced about this whole Pet Bakery thingy because I'm the type who likes to test my products. And yeap, I'm not too keen to try a dog cookie.

I've tried to google for dog biscuits recipes online. And there's not too much variety really. I reckon not too many domestic cooks are eager to bake a dog cookie. Anyway, how would you rate how good the biscuit taste? Human vs Dog sense of taste. Hm...

Well.. I will do another lazy search and attach some pet food recipes here. Have a good weekend and don't forget your pets!


BK said...

That seems like a pretty good suggestion. Well, you can make cookies for dogs or cats that are even good for human so that you can taste it? I don't mine being the taster also ;)

SheR. said...

Ha.. Food taster. We'll see. :)

I'm not too sure about Cats though.. they are picky.

C K said...

Honestly, looking at how well some pets are taken care off, I wouldn't be surprised if their food taste better than some of those s!@t that I've been eating.

Hmm... especially those meaty mix...

SheR. said...

Hahahah CK!
You are attracted to Dog Biscuits???
Heee... try one and tell me how it tastes!

DineometerDeb said...

What a pretty kitty!

We have at least 2 dog bakeries in my city and am constantly wondering how they can possibly make a profit! But they must because they remain in business.

SheR. said...

Dineometer! Thanks!
He's out precious cat. :) Real darling!

I've never set foot in a pet bakery before and I wonder how it smells like.. now that we are in the topic of pet food. Hm...

That you make me wonder if it is really a profitable business. Two!? It must be!

yanjiaren said...

I think they are being more and more inventive nowadays with pet food don't you think?

eastcoastlife said...

No, no, no... dun open a Pet Bake Shop. I dun eat dog biscuits. :P

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi My Dear Friend Sher,

Pet Bakery...Hmmmmm. If the location or country, in this case Croatia, is really into pets, then a pet bakery would make a lot of sense. In the USA, Americans are very fond of their pets and most are treated like humans - to the point that some of these pets believe they are human too.

I think the main reason why very few chefs go into pet food is because they are afraid their reputation and talents will go to the dogs! LOL!

Many pets suffer from human like diseases because of what they are fed, so it could be wise to sell them healthy food - those with balanced nutrients. If these could be fit for human consumption as snack food, we will probably hear more barking and meowing in the neighborhood. LOL!

They could also be used for rations, especially to those who are, in fact, dogs of war. He he he.

Have a great week ahead of you. :-) --Durano, done!

SheR. said...

>>Hello Yan!! Nice to see you here again!
Every business needs to invent or reinvent itself all the time. That's the only way to survive in this everchanging world.

No probs. I will bake some nice cookies for you.. Not for dogs. Just for you! ;)

>>Durano friend!
I'm still not convinced to start a pet bakery. No matter where I am. :P I don't think I have tastebuds of a cat or dog (which is supposed to be more sensitive?).

All pet food are getting very nutritious indeed. I've been to a pet shop and read the ingredients for a pack of rabbit food. I was so amazed! It's more nutritious than the fresh carrot!!!

uncommon said...


Baby Cat is very fussy about her food, and prefers lightly cooked beef, sliced thin. She'll eat ham, chicken and best of all the most expensive Tuna available, they really dig Albacore Tuna.

Max, our Polydactyl six toed cat, likes yoghurt, some cereals and all the above.

The dog eats ANY darn thing if it looks human food.

Go for it, dear fiend! Bake dog cookies, I wouldn't bother with cats, they are too fussy.


SheR. said...

Hello Brendan mate!!!
Wow! You have really posh cats!! Even ours is not anywhere near yours! Expensive tuna. I want to be a cat too! Hahaha...

I totally agree that Dogs will eat anything that resembles food. Even sometimes their own poo. Ew...