Going nuts?

Have you wondered why when we say a person is going crazy, we refer to them as NUTS? Why Nuts? And which one in particular?

As you see there are many types of Nuts in this world, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Peanuts (Groundnuts), Hazelnuts.. the list goes on. How does any of the above relate to a slightly eccentric state of mind?

You have an answer?


Syari said...

Good question. But I do not have the answer. :(

SheR. said...

Syari sayang..
You don't have the answer too? Oh no..

uncommon said...


I'm still working on this with the OED, but initially, it looks as if the phrase comes from the colloquial use of the term NUT to describe a persons head.

Hence, if the NUT was cracked, the person would be off their head, or NUTS. As in a cracked NUT.

Zat help?


C K said...

My guess would be peanuts. Why? Don't ask me why... I've got the brain the size of a pea....

SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate!!!
Thanks a gazillion!
Now we all know what it means! Hm.. and hence the phrase.. you are cracking me up?

>>CK Yo!

It's all right we've got the answer right here!!