An Inspired Confection: Lemon & Lavender

You thought I've stopped creating new Lavender confectionery? You are wrong. Before I start getting lazy for the weekend, here is the post about more Lavender!

This is an extension of the idea of incorporating Lavender in confectionery. Do take note that Lavender has been a popular herb in the French kitchen for the longest time. Heard of Herbs de Provence? Yes, Lavender is one of the ingredient. Lavender cakes are pretty popular in Jersey (Channel Islands) and Tasmania (Australia). So they are entirely a whole new creation of moi!

Speaking about Lavender cakes, I was in the mood for some muffins. The image that I have of any Lavender confectionery is light and have a very pale colour to show off the beautiful purple flowers in there. So a nice light ingredient that doesn't impart any colour to the cakes is required. I chose Lemon this time. And it was a lovely marriage of Lavender + Lemon.

When I first baked off these muffins, they didn't scream "I'm a gorgeous confection!" to me. After tasting one muffin, I decided to top it off with a nice light icing. And Butter Icing that we used to coat Fairy Cakes in London with came to my mind. It's not that hard to replicate Butter Icing which consists of: Butter (just a spoonful to impart texture and flavour), Icing Sugar (sufficient quantity to produce the whiteness of the Icing that you desire) and a few drops of Water to get everything going. Whisk all these together till you get a lovely consistency for coating. If you want a little more flavour, add a few drops of Vanilla Essence.

And there you have it, add a nice half tablespoon of Lavender to a basic muffin recipe (that yields 6), add zest of ONE Lemon and you will have another beautiful Lavender confection!

Till the next creation, have fun baking!!!


Lotus Flower said...

Hi SheR,

Was trying to read back your earlier posts those I missed reading and found this one about lavender.

I didn't know that lavender is something you can use for baking.

Now I know!

SheR. said...

Hello Lotus Flower!

Yes do try making them. Hopefully I will come up with more Lavender recipes.

But if you want to try making any Lavender confectionery, do take note of possible allergies. And only buy those that are meant for cooking!

Good Luck! :)