An Inspired Confection: Lime Cake

This is not exactly an original idea but it was inspired by my fiance's love for citrus. He likes all confectionery with limes, lemons or oranges. So I have two limes left in my fridge. And usually Limes only pair off with White Chocolate. So I hesitated about the union between the Dark Chocolate with Limes. In the end, the result was more refreshing than expected.

As you know, White Chocolate is technically Cocoa Mass and contains no cocoa solids. Therefore, it lacks the signature Chocolate taste. But because of this reason, it is easy to mix with most ingredients to obtain a relatively subtle flavour.

So do bear in mind when mixing any other Chocolates with other ingredients that you are not familiar with. The Chocolate taste can sometimes be overbearing and conflict with its partner. In the case of Lime, it lends the citrus flavour to further lift the Chocolate in the cake. Add in moderation. Just the zest should suffix.

Have fun trying out other combinations! Be back for more Inspired Confections!


TheGrumpyChef said...

Hi Sher,

Looks very delectable. I would have agreed with you about the White chocolate, but, from your description, it seems to have worked with the Dark. Fantastic. truly Inspired! :)

C K said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I assume that works with oranges as well? It seems that those peels that I've chucked have got some use after all.

SheR. said...

>>Hi Chef!!!!
Yeah.. the taste is a little different. It reminded me of ginger with chocolate. Very similar taste!

I sandwiched it with some fresh cream . Something light and coated with the usual Chocolate Ganache (that's infused with Lime zest). My fiance was over the moon!!!!

SheR. said...

Hm.. Chocolate and Orange are old couple. :P You can always pair them together in any occasion without worrying about the conflict in flavours.

Give the Lime a go next time!

C K said...

Really? I thought I've seen some orange flavored chocs around. But hey, you're the Chef, you should know better.

Will keep that in mind and thanks!

My Bug Life said...

Looks yummy!

SheR. said...

Yes CK!
Jaffa cakes!! The good ol' Jaffa Cakes.. still best in Orange and Chocolate. ;)

>>Shutter Buggie.
Thanks! :)