Mini snacks are making you FAT!

Remember how the consumer trend went from normal size to supersize and then to mini-snack size treats? And you are thinking that the change in the packaging actually help you to snack less? According to the latest research from Tillburg University in Netherlands , this may not be the case.

Wonder how this plays tricks on our mind? Well.. when we see a smaller pack, most of us have convinced ourselves that we are snacking less. But we do not realise that we do not usually stop at one pack! So there you have it, snacking in moderation? Try buying a normal size individual pack!

Read about the research in this article here.


Syari said...

I always buy jumbo packets. Save more. Usually 2 jumbo packets have to last 1 1/2 weeks or so.

SheR. said...

It's good for people like you who don't snack a lot.
For me, I will finish the large pack of Chio chips! Hooray to Magyar Chips! :P

BK said...

Hmm ... for my case, I snack like maybe once in two months or even less. Got to take good care of our bodies. My is already 30+ year old ;)

Zombie Money said...

I just eat fruit or veggies for snacks now :) Much healthier!

I hear Zombies are now interested in brain cupcakes though.......

SheR. said...

>>BK old friend!
Yes yes.. you must take good care of your figure! ;P
Snacking is no good!

>>Zombie Money! Welcome to my blog!!
Brain cupcakes? Hm.. maybe you might be interested in some Otak Otak on Travel and Shutter Bug's site..in one of my links..?
Hm.. I don't think Fruits and Vegetables maintain your Zombie health. I suggest some freshly dug earthworms! :D

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

It's such a pleasant experience to visit your site... so much food! LOL!

I've missed you and your site as well and I'm glad I was able to access you at this time. It's August 3rd as I write this on CD to be encoded in your site by my already overworked secretary :-), I just don't know when she'll find the time to post it.

I hardly ever take on snack food. On regular days when I do so, I eat fruits with coffee - I've known for some time of coffee's good effects on the body despite warnings from my dad a long time ago. If I eat pizzas or things like pasta in off hours, I make it a point to eat only vegetables or fruits in the next regular meal.

Nowadays, where I'm at, we eat mostly vegetables, fruits and chicken. I don't dare try the fish nor the pork - fearing what these have fed on the last few months since the disaster. I've already lost a few pounds but it's nothing irregular.

I hope you're doing fine and still very much in love with each other. Being able to blog rather by playing touch and go with the power supply and super slow dial-up connection on weekends is really being transported into another world.People here are so unfortunate, this place is the only world they know or will ever know... but not if I can help it. Take care and yhanks for the support. :-) --Durano, done!

SheR. said...

>>Dear Durano!! Big Hugs!!!
Great to hear from you! More food for you and your overworked secretary!! You two deserve some nice sweet treats for all the hard work!

Oh my. I love my occasional pizza too. But I'll try to make my own. So I'm sure I know what goes into the bread to toppings. I guess pizzas are not so fattening as anyone thought.

I can't live without fish. Now fish in Croatia is so expensive, we can afford to eat it only once a week. I don't really mind where it comes from anymore. Just Fish!! Fish!! :P

Take good care of yourself. Hope to see you back really soon and everyone there will be all right soon. My heart goes out to them.

Speak to you soon!!! :)