Olympic Snacks!

So it's time for Olympic Games watching. So what snacks come tops on your list this few weeks of intensive TV scrutinizing?

Don't forget the Olympic Games promote Health. So you need to forget your Ready Salted Crisps and beer. Just crack your brain a little and you will find a list of snacks that are great for your couch-potatoeing and yet won't clog up your blood vessels.

Still have no idea? Try this article.


My Bug Life said...

I am snacking on cheezels as I post this comment..:) Cheezels, my all-time fav snack!

C K said...

I'm going to stick with Walkers potato chips (or crisps). Managed to swallow a huge pack while I was watching Olympics' rowing event this morning.

DineometerDeb said...

Oops. I just ate chips. And here I have a bag of healthy fresh peaches and fresh raspberries. Which is your favorite event? Mine is rhythmic gymnastics.

SheR. said...

>>Hiya Shutter Buggie!!!
No no!! Cheezels have too much salt and oil!!! Eat in moderation!!

>>CK mate! Glad to see you back!
Oh no.. not crisps again! Try to choose those that are low in sodium and fats!

Remember to snack healthier! ;)
My favourite.. everything except Basketball. Hee...