Prepare for Fay!

The predicted tropical storm Fay will make a landfall at Florida's southwestern coast this Tuesday. Although the storm is not as huge as expected, it was still blamed for 14 deaths across the Caribbean.

For those affected, they were preparing for this storm by stocking up on their food supplies. Shelves in stores throughout Florida were left empty as millions of Florida's residents braced themselves for the storm. Read the news here.

Fortunately, this is not affect the oil prices which left a big relief for many across the globe.

However, due to escalating prices of fuel (being one of the factors), cocoa prices are soaring as the demand outstripped the supplies. The upward spiral of the cocoa prices begun in 2006 and have since doubled by June this year. Here's the article for those who are interested.

Getting back to the topic of food crisis, it's no wonder that Food is seen as the new Oil. In this article, the writer Mike Stones has highlighted the prospect of Russia using Food as a political tool. The Russian government has announced its plans to form a state-run grain trading company. This will have significant global influence as Russia is the fifth largest grain exporter in the world. More details in this article.

So remember the simple statement: Stop Wasting Food!

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