Relieve your stress? Try Coffee!

This is another post about the divine Coffee!

According to research, coffee is consumed by 70 to 80% of the world population. This makes coffee the most popular drink internationally.

Recently, several health benefits of coffee are identified by scientists, for example, reducing the risk of ovarian cancer by 20 %.

Latest studies of the brain activities in sleep-deprived rats found that coffee might possess stress-relieving (antioxidant) properties. It suggested that the aroma of coffee itself alone can help to keep one awake all night. Further research is required.

Read this article, it might help you relieve stress.


BK said...

Relieve stress or not, I love to have coffee to go with my breakfast sometimes. Long time ago, my mum used to make coffee with coffee powder, coffee mate etc. However, everything is being replaced by instant coffee now. She even convinces herself that the instant coffees are even better then the one she made it herself. I don't know if it is better but I still prefer the coffee she made to instant.

SheR. said...

BK my dear friend.
I agree that Instant Coffee is a must at home.. For instant cravings only.
For us, we will buy those ground coffee and make our own every afternoon for coffee break. That's how it should be.
Now I'm so spoiled with all the good coffee I can tell the difference between good and bad! :P
Me too. Coffee and breakfast...what a great start!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

I have long been a proponent of coffee drinking as a refreshing and resuscitating beverage. Of course, anything in excess is bad, and it should not be abused.

I like brewed coffee, freshly ground. Instant coffee is tolerable only when I'm in a location without the amenities of urban living. In some instances though, we still attempt to brew coffee even if it's not as good as we want it - in lieu of the flat taste of instant.

I too can tell the difference between types of coffee. The best I've tasted is called coffee alamid.

I take my coffee black.Those who can't tell the difference and are used to adding powdered creamers are missing a lot. It's like not being breast fed. Speaking of mother's milk, I think it's still the best beverage in the world. :-) --Durano, done!

SheR. said...

Hi Durano dear!
Glad that you are a coffee lover too! I love those tiny cups of coffee.. it's so refreshing to have two a day. I can't beyond my daily limit too!

Ooo.. I hate creamers. I solely use Milk. Heee.. get those full fat ones! The best! Sometimes I love my coffee with a dollop of whipped cream! Yipee!! :P

What's Coffee Alamid?? Enlighten moi!!! :)