Stop wasting Food!!!

Today is the opening day of the Beijing Olympics. China is the world's most populated country ..current figures standing at billions. When there are so many people in a country, there will be many mouths to feed. How many of them actually made enough money to feed the entire family?

Food shortage is not a unique Chinese problem. It is now considered a world crisis. There are far too many hungry people out there that we, the ones that can afford to sit in front of computer monitors, should help alleviate the current crisis by doing our little part.


Read this article to find out ways on how to reduce food wastes.


C K said...

I won't waste food. Otherwise Gordon Brown will come after me. :p

SheR. said...

Hahaha CK!
I think you can run faster than him because of his humongous head!:P

Welcome back. I thought you have been deported! Hee hee

C K said...

haha, I was thinking of putting up some subversive post but thought that I was still in Singapore so... lol!

ladyironchef said...

yeah we shouldn't waste food when so many people around the world are starving!


uncommon said...


We now and again waste food, (writing from Atlanta) but as I'm in general in charge of the shopping I make a trip to the supermarket every three days or so, rather than the girls going once a fortnight and buying up half the place and throwing half of it away in 10 days time.

Food is getting pretty expensive nowadays, with fruit and veggies rocketing up. I don't mind paying for good quality, but fruit here in Atlanta is dreadfully poor.

Billy-Bob (boiling swamp) brendan

SheR. said...

>>CK ...
-_____- What were you thinking?

>>Hey Brad.. lady iron chef! Welcome to my blog!! :)

Thanks please spread the word to stop this food wastage!

Sorry couldn't contain the excitement of seeing you here again!

Yeah.. we should buy only what we eat. Not those that are discounted and chuck the rest away!!! Way to go mate!

Food is expensive everywhere. I had to make almost everything myself to cut the costs for items such as Bread.

Do you have cheap imported fruits?

uncommon said...

"Do you have cheap imported fruits?"


Short answer is, I don't know. I don't think we import much produce, other than specialist stuff. The majority of produce that is imported in our sense, comes from other states like Florida and California.

There are all sorts of "ethnic" food stores, which can be massive, where you can get stuff to cook real chinese and indian foods.

One is not too far away, do I spot an instruction for photographs from my resident chef?

I will go shoot, medeario:)


uncommon said...


Just checked with the boss, and she says we import quite a few items of produce, especially in the winter.

Chile provides fruit, especially some fabulous Braeburn apples last year, NZ also.

Other than that, I'll check:)


SheR. said...

Thanks Brendan mate!

Even in Croatia, we get bananas all the way from Ecuador! How hard is it to grow bananas???

Wow.. you get lots of ethnic food there! I wish I have just one stall!!!