Surviving on a quid

Was reading my blogger mate's article a couple of days ago about the welfare system in UK. The post is right here. That brought back a lot of memories I have about my years in London. Being born in Singapore and was living with my family all those years, I never knew how to manage my finances. So even with two jobs at that time while I was schooling, I was struggling to make ends meet. The hardest week when I was down to only a quid.

What can you get in London for a quid (one solid Great Britain Pound Stirling)? I couldn't get chicken and chips which would cost me 2 pounds. Frozen meals are less than a pound and that really saved my day. But still it couldn't last me for 7 days. In the end, I discovered bread rolls. My kind teacher spared me some old bread rolls to bring home. And some teabags. And that was the best thing for me at that time! One could never imagine the fragrance of a bread roll in the hungriest times to be that heavenly!

I will always remember those days and not to waste the food on my table. What about you? Have you any experiences like this to share? Click on "Comments" and type yours down. I will be glad to hear it.


My Bug Life said...

I don't have any experiences like these to share but I am not a spoiled brat. I have learned to appreciate what I have be it little or much and I also try my best not to waste food / money and resources. It's good to be reminded coz for everything that we take for granted in life, there's someone else out there who may not have that kind of privilege.

Lotus Flower said...

Hi SheR,

It is usually the most difficult situations that teach us the most valuable lessons in life. And trust me, those we will never forget.

Learning to cope with the bad enable us to appreciate what we have no matter how small they are.

It feels good to be doing this again :-)


C K said...

Hi gal! Thanks for the link.

It must be really hard on you when you were a student in London back then. You know what? The funny thing is that when I was in S'pore, the impression that I get of S'poreans studying overseas (UK/US esp) were that they were pretty well off. So I would expect you to be feasting on foie gras every other day. :)

For me, the hardest part was when I was in the Army surviving on a miserable allowance. After paying for insurance and my parents' allowance, I practically survived on the rations handed out by the cookhouse. The thing was that only breakfast and lunch were served. So you can imagine how much I ate for my lunches... lol

Thanks for bring back memories with this post. Cheers!

uncommon said...

Oh SheR.......

That is heart rending, I'm so sorry. I'm glad you made it out of it, and I'm sure it has given you insight that you will never forget.

Hard way to learn it, though.

I wish I had known you then, I could have fed you my soups and indian curries and even wholemeal bread.


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

What a terrible experience. I'm so sorry to know that you had undergone such deprivation.

I can imagine you being alone in a foreign country, detached from people you know and love, being hungry with so little money. That can be so traumatizing. Thank God for kind-hearted people.

I have experienced hunger too but its due more to miscalculating travel time with distance when tarveling by land. We didn't pack enough provisions and when we got to the place, all shops were closed and nowhere could we find a place to eat till the next day.

But all is settled now with you and it's nice to know you have developed a conscientious attitude towards food consumption.

Take care always and do remind others not to waste food too. There are so many starving people in the world, and I don't have to look very far where I am to see it. It's up close and very real. Have a nice week. :-) --Durano, done!

eastcoastlife said...

I had a baby son who was only 2 months old and I have only S$15 in my bank account. I could starve but not my baby.

I gave tuition and asked for advance payment. A couple of parents trusted me and I was able to stretch until end of the month. My Mom helped to look after the baby and I ate my meals at her place.

DineometerDeb said...

Yes! I have been down to my last quid many a times when in college. It inspired a lot of creativity with food.

I think about this alot and how people in third world countries eat with very little money. There are probably more whole grains and less processed foods so I aspire to eat like this more often.

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

HI Sher,

I posted a comment here some nights ago, I wonder what happened to it.

Sorry to hear about your experience in London. I can imagine the difficulty of being alone, detached from everyone you know and having no money for food. Thank God for kind-hearted people. The good thing is that it gave you a more positive attitude about the value of food and its proper consumption.

There were times I went hungry too on several trips but it's due more to our miscalculation than anything. Like we have to go to a remote town and measure the time based on the distance, without realizing that the rough roads will slow us down. By the time we get there, all establishments are closed and we have nowhere to eat or sleep. Crazy huh?

I know you're well settled now but this experience of yours is something you can tell your children later. Be sure to have many of them. LOL! :-) --Durano, done!

SheR. said...

>>Shutter Buggie!!! Hi hi!
Yes, when we humans are born forgetful. We like to enjoy the good times and forget about all the bad times. But I think those bad times are valuable life lessons for each and everyone. And we should teach the lesson to those we know.

Like I said, neve forget the unfortunate!

SheR. said...

>>Beautiful Lotus Flower.
I really love you nick because it always remind me of the teachings of Buddha. :)

Great to see you again!!!I feel good to be back too! I miss my internet!! Hee..

SheR. said...

>>CK Yo!!
Yes yes... I'm here! Not my fault. WE switched to another ISP and their inefficiency cost me a week of blogging time!!! I apologise for that!

Yeap like you said, most Singaporeans studying in London are pretty well off. One has to be to live there without working as a student. I'm glad I did it my way without the help of some wealthy parents!

Thanks for sharing your experience too! :)

SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate!!!
Yes.. I've learnt a lot in London. I wish I tried your Indian curry too!! Sounds delicious. Maybe one day I will pack meself and my fiance and fly to Atlanta to try it! ;) Be prepared!!

SheR. said...

>>My dear friend Durano.
Thanks for coming by this way again. Pardon my complete absence.

Yes I am so obssessed with the idea of food wastage recently.. Think I will start a series of posts to show some ideas of how I save food in my house! Do come back and share yours if you have any!!!

SheR. said...

>>ECL!!! *Hugs hugs*
Things a mum will do for her baby. You are one great mum!!! *applause*

Now when you look back I'm sure you'll be glad you survive!! You are a survivor!! Like me!!! :)

SheR. said...

>>Dineometer!! Hey hey!!!
Hm.. I totally agree with you that limited resources forced us to be more creative with what we have!

I have so many ways to cook the Cauliflower and Chicken nowdays. I'm amazed too!