Trans Fat - free Margarine

I'm golden and innocent.

Hey peeps, I'm not making this up. The scientists are.

How are they going to do that? Well.. a blend of Canola Oil, Palm Kernel Oil and Palm Stearin say the US researchers.

Not convinced? Read this article then.

I insist on my stand against the Margarine, the plasticky trans-fat of all time. Have you ever hold a block of Margarine close to your nose before? Notice the resemblance in smell to your son's/nephew's plastic toy car?

Being really plastic (a term we used for fats that do not melt at room temperature), it is an excellent choice for pastry production. If one is not too particular, he can opt for a Pastry Margarine in the lamination of his puff pastry. But for me, the difference in taste puts me off totally.

Back in those days when vegetable fats were raised to the point of sainthood for being low in cholesterol, the innocent fatty Butter was cast away from the dining tables of the health conscious as spreads for toasts. I stuck to my Butter.

Now with all the Hoo-Ha going on about Trans Fats, I'm sticking to my Butter. I believe it's natural flavours outshine whatever is cooked up in a science laboratory. Trans fats, cholesterol or not. It's a matter of personal choice really. So who do you cast your vote for? Margarine (ignoring the Trans fat part) or Butter?


TheGrumpyChef said...

Hi SheR,

The King of my table was, is and always will be butter! Its impossible to use any other product in cooking. I can not imagine my sauces without it. Like you quite rightly said, it has a natural flavour. Soft and delicately smooth texture with a melting, almost soothing and nurturing, flavour. (I think I need to get out of the Kitchen more):)

SheR. said...

Hi hi Chef!!!
I think that makes two of us. Kitchen is like my second home. Ha :P
I love Butter too!!! Oo.. how lovely it tastes on a freshly baked bread. Ah.. the joys of life. ;)

Jasmine Shanea said...

ok.. i'm going on a tangent here... a gorgeous girl like you don't need no fitness craze to be beautiful.

Wait.. what has a chocolate bunny gotta do with butter? It is a chocolate bunny and not a butter filled bunny right?

if it is the former, I shudder. lolz

SheR. said...

Ah.. Jasmine dear is back!!!
Oh.. you can never get me to go into a gym anyday. Too lazy!

Chocolate bunny...? Heee.. the innocence of a bunny is like the natural flavour of butter..... the golden wrapper is like the colour of butter.

Bad analogy? Hehehehe

G said...

Whats your take on those cholesterol reducing butters? Do you think there's something to them or do you think stinking with the real stuff is still the beset way to go?

SheR. said...

G! Hi!
I'm never into anything that tells me it's great for health and packed full of vitamins if it is produced in a lab. I only believe in the real thing. Fresh fruits and vegetables. And the treats of nature.. like my Butter.
Fat reducing Butter? Neh... it's probably just another marketing gimmick!