Addictive Food Games?

Was kind of bored last evening and sick of Bubble shooter game. So I did a search and found a very fun Food Game online. Since then, I've been spending my morning playing it!

I wonder is it the inner Foodie in me or by some strange coincidence generated by mysterious cosmic powers.. I have an affinity for Food Games. And weirdly enough, there is a rise in Food-themed games. I'm sure some of you might have downloaded the Hell's Kitchen trial version like I did. Or the first waitressing game on Yahoo where Flo is constantly on the Go. There was sheer fun. Who says waiting on tables is boring? :P Or you rather stick to the more recent Cake making games? It comes with different icing, topping and ovens to satisfy your hungry customers!

Don't you just love computer games? What's the most addictive game for you? Food?


uncommon said...


Waitressing is fun?

From what I've heard, most people who have waited on tables say that they are always getting pinched on the bottom by impolite males, and similar embarrassments.

I quite like playing mine host and cooking for others is fun: but I dunnno about waiting on table. I'd probably terminate too many customers.


uncommon said...


I note that someone is talking about Pizza on your blog, is it on Twitter?

I can't eat Pizza, too many carbs and over my life I've never been too much of a Pizza man.

However, I am having a wild desire for Pizza now, must be some chemical imbalance.

What is that all about, Food Doctor SheR?


XY said...

I have an NDS and I bought Cooking mama 2 a long time ago. It was fun, though I wished it were a little more challenging :P Now they're coming out with more cooking games for the NDS and Wii.. hurray!!

SheR. said...

>>Brendan Cyborg mate!
Hm.. I mean waitressing games not the actual work itself. Actually when I was a student, I enjoyed my waitressing days :P

Oh.. hosting dinners.. I love the eating part. I love to cook but only when I'm comfortable with the kitchen that I'm cooking in.

Pizza craving? Me no Food doc!:P
I guess you've been on too many sites with pizzas lately.. that explains your sudden craving??

I read somewhere about the ability of commercials to be embedded in your subconscious. After watching a lot of images about a certain product, we subconsciously make decisions to buy that product! Amazing hur?

SheR. said...

Ha.. great minds think alike. Too bad I don't have a Wii. I'll be hooked I tell ya! Haha :P