Awards time!!!

All right I should have done this post last month or earlier.. But sorry I've been rather slacking so here I am. I have two awards to give out so do bear with me.

First up an award from one of my dear Blogger mate, Dineometer. She has the most interesting blogs around that showcases the different types of cuisine that she can get her hands on. Even I'm amazed sometimes as to what she managed to dig up. So here it is, The Dine-O-Meter!

She has presented me with the Brilliante Weblog award which I will pass on to 5 other Brilliant blogs in their own right.

A Singaporean in London - A dear Blogger friend CK who now resides in the Big Old town called London. His posts are well written and offer the readers an insight into his life in London town. Be sure to hop over and give him a good nudge!

Ibanag Cooking - Another nice Blogger friend Lotus Flower who recently came back to Blogging World after a long break. Her blog is about Food, Living and everything that surrounds her home. Take a peek at her warm abode would ya?

The Spitting Vessel - The undisputed King of Blogging World. Dear friend Durano writes with such vigour that every single word serves to provoke your thoughts about world issues that concern you or you thought will never concern you. He is a kind father and a humanitarian too. Never fail to disappoint us with an posts, so hop over now and check it out!

EastCoastLife - Madame Garang of Singapore. Her never-say-die and fearless attitude towards any authority has to be commended (especially if you come from Singapore). Her posts bring you to Singapore, our tiny Island State. From history to current affairs going on in our little red dot, you will be amazed by the posts in this Blog. Take a look now!

Symphony of Love - Run by my good old mate, BK. Beautiful Love quotes and messages that inspire us. At times when you feel down, this Blog will sure to remind you how fortunate your life is. If you love posts from the heart, it is just a click away.

The second award is presented to be from Lotus Flower at Ibanag Cooking . I would love to present to all the above blogs which I've awarded the Brillante award to the following additions too.. just a message to tell them: I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

Orthorexic Foodie: My oh my.. Another Singaporean Foodie. And with awesome food recipes thrown in! Every single visit makes me salivate. So prepare a bucket for your drool when you pop over. MMM.. yummy!

Who Dares Cooks: Grumpy Chef! Be grumpy no more! I love reading your Blog! Want to read a Real Chef Blog? Go over to this blog now!!

White Carrot: Oooo... A travelling foodie? Nope.. a bunch of travelling foodies and their food adventures! I wish I was there! You will too. But now you can dream about it over at their Blog!

All right.. enough said for the day. Hope all my awardees having fun celebrating! Cheers!! Share the champagne!!


Lotus Flower said...

Oh my gosh Sher. And I am so honored to receive this Brilliante Weblog award. To stand side by side with bloggers like dine o meter, ecl, a singaporean in london, durano and bk. WOW!

Thank you so much and I am so pleased for this recognition especially from one of my favorite blogging friends, YOU.

Have a great day to you and your loved one.


BK said...

Thank you for passing the award to me. Have a great weekend! :)

food-kids-recipe said...

wow i am the first..

congratulations for the nominators..

btw would you mind to xchange links with me?and btw i have add your links in my blogroll with name Sarinxr.please feel free to check it.thank you

SheR. said...

>>Lotus Flower!
Congratulations my dear friend :)

You're welcomed! You deserve this award!

>>Food Kids? Kiddy Food? Anything! :)
Sure I'll post your link up in a minute! :)

XY said...

Wow! Thanks Sher!! Didn't expect to win an award with so many awesome floggers! Thanks so much!! (:

iphone said...

Hi you!
Your Blog interesting! Welcome my blog

lotusflower said...

Hi Sher,

I am sure you have accumulated a number of this but then again there's more. If you get the time, please check out my post.


SheR. said...

>>Hello XY!
You're welcome! :) You have very delicious food pictures!!!

>>Iphone!! Welcome to my blog!
Do come back again! :)

SheR. said...

Hi Lotus Flower!
What surprise do you have in store for me?