Do you love Chewing Gum?

I do till it was banned in 1992. You can read more about the news if this is the first time you are hearing about this. Yes yes, we Singaporeans are so dedicated to the cleanliness of our country that we do not chew gum. Hur? Recall those incidents when you find some gum stuck to your skirt because someone stuck a chewed gum under the dining table you happen to be seated at? Or those ugly black blobs on the pedestrian pavements? So there you have it.

This is not a post against the whole practice of banning the sale of chewing gum. But it is to highlight the wonderful qualities of our.. Innocent.. Chewing Gum.

A group of Australian scientists found that people who chew gum have higher sense of alertness, a reduction in anxiety and stress levels and improved performance in multi-tasks.

If you wish to read more about this, here's the article.

For anyone more interested in Chewing Gum and how it's made, here's a really interesting website of National Chewing Gum Association for your reading pleasure.

On this site, I found some simple facts about how the Chewing Gum is composed of and the history of the first Chewing Gum named .... *drumroll*...Adams New York No. 1!

That's enough gum for the day. Have fun chewing and reading!


Lotus Flower said...

Hi SheR,

I love Singapore and this is one of the reasons. Here in our country, you will find used gums in most unexpected places: sidewalks, sole of slippers and shoes, bus seats, restaurant dining tables, etc. Whew!

It's okey to chew gums but I think it requires a certain degree of responsibility - like knowing how to properly dispose them. Think so? :-)

I used to chew lots of those mint flavored ones, back then when I was first started to quit smoking :-)

Have a good day!

curiousfoodie said...

I love 'em for the teeth-cleaning and fresh breath effect :) And I'm a good Singaporean citizen...I only buy a bit and for my own consumption. :P I throw them in bins all the time! Haha...


C K said...

After chewing gum was banned in Singapore, there was this sudden mad rush to Malaysia to get them. lol And people were so worried that they might be discovered by the ever vigilant customs officers.. lol

Though I don't miss it; never like it to begin with. But I do miss the occasional chew. Surprisingly, although it's not banned in London, I've not seen anyone chewing on them yet... hmm

Alexys Fairfield said...

Hi SheR,
I happen to love chewing gum. I have a whole drawer of (unchewed) gum in various flavors. I would have a hard time living in Singapore without chewing gum. Thanks for the very interesting information on gum. It was a lot to chew. ;D