Energy drinks update: Caffeine Warning included!

Here is another post about the rising demand for Energy Drinks in the global market despite warnings about the possible health effects of over-consumption.

Now, scientists have indicated that Energy Drinks can lead to Caffeine Toxicity that many are not aware of. Most Energy Drinks do not have health warnings about the high level of caffeine present in the cans.

Read this article, if you are as concerned as I do.

For an earlier post that I did regarding Energy Drinks, read it here.


BK said...

A good thing for me, I don't really like energy drinks, even when I am exercising. I prefer ice water to energy drinks when I am working out.

SheR. said...

Oh BK.. I hope no one drinks those Energy Drinks after workout?! They contain Caffeine!!!!

Lotus Flower said...

Food labels which is supposed to protect us consumers about product ingredients or nutritional facts seem to be getting increasingly useless.

Really, can we trust these labels amidst all these food and product gaffes happening in China, a country you can't easily ignore?

SheR. said...

>>Lotus Flower. Hi! :)
I don't really trust food labels. I can't be bother to read them if they just simply put "Permitted Colourings and Flavourings" without listing the actual E numbers. We all know there are certain E numbers which contribute to hyperactivity in children. So I am conscientiously looking out for labels that use them!