Gardening Time: The happy Aloe Vera

Yes. It is one of my favourite plants in the garden. It's close resemblance to the cacti family means it can survive most types of weather. When I first brought it here, it was just a little plant not more than 4 inches in height with only a measly 4 leaves. Now, it is a robust plant (and loving the Hot hot summer) and has its own baby that you can see on the side of the main plant.

I've done a little reading on wikipedia. Though researchers are still pretty skeptical about the possible medicinal usage of the Aloe Vera, it is one of the most popular ingredient for cosmetics and New Age medicines. One can even find cans of its translucent jelly-like flesh sold on the Asian market.

Whether this is really useful or not, it is a must-have in my family. I am terribly allergic to insect bites but when my mother discovered the soothing and healing properties of the Aloe Vera, we never stopped growing the plant despite moving to 4 different flats to date. Well.. I am not a doctor or pharmacist of any sort, so I wouldn't advise you on any medicinal usage of the plant. For me, whenever some insect (ants or mosquitoes) decided to leave any part of my body with a huge swell, I will cut a leave off the Aloe Vera plant, peel off the greenish exterior (watch out for the yellowish sap which is an irritant) and apply the sticky translucent flesh to the infected area on my skin. It works like wonder for me!

So there you have it, my Aloe Vera story.


Lotus Flower said...

When I was in Grade 4, I had classmate who had a very nice and long hair, up to her knees. My classmates used to enjoy smelling her hair because it was fragrant and obviously clean and healthy.

She told us that it was so because she applied the 'juice' of the aloe vera plant over her hair every time she washed it.

She had lots of it their garden and was kind enough to share. I brought home a pot one afternoon and started using it as well as she instructed us how. That's why I know it works. Made mine cleaner, shinier and healthier.

Unfortunately, the plant has become expensive over here.

EastCoastLife said...

And can make healthy desserts with it. :)

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hello Sher,

How are you my dearest friend? Are you diversifying into medicinal plants? LOL!

A noted Dermatologist in the Philippines, Dr. Vermen M. Verallo has done extensive studies on Aloe Vera and found it to have true medicinal properties.

She developed her own cosmetic line under the brand VMV and it does pretty well in the country and is being exported to several countries i believe.

So take care of that robust plant. How is your kalamansi plant coming along?

Nice to be able to visit you. Have a nice week, and I hope your connection is better. :-) --Durano, done!

SheR. said...

Hi Lotus Flower!
What a wonderful piece of information!! I shall cultivate my happy aloe vera and use it to wash my hair too!!! :)

Make desserts from Aloe Vera? I never tried! Hee...

SheR. said...

Dear friend of mine Durano!!!
Glad to see you here again..
No I'm keeping my job as a baker. Not diversifying... I just love my plants. It's just great enjoyment to watch them grow day by day!

My little calamansi..is so little. I'm so afraid it can't withstand the harsh weather that is coming in the next few months... At least for now, the summer weather is continuing in Croatia! :)

ipanks said...

i was here for a moment and reading you post.your post was good and i like to stay here for a while and reading here and there.i wonder that you would exchange link with me.btw i have add your blog in my Friend List with name SherXR Blog.please feel free to check it in my blog.thank you very much

Lotus Flower said...

By the way Sher,

I could guess you might have received it already but still I want to share it again(?) the I love Your Blog Award. Pls check it out in my latest published post, when you get the time.

Good morning from the Philippines.


SheR. said...

>>Ipanks! Hi hi and a big welcome!

Thanks for all the compliments.. You make me blush :P

Sure I will check out your blog.. like Right NOW! Do come back again! :)

SheR. said...

>>Lotus Flower.. Thanks a million for the Award!!! :D

uncommon said...


Aloe Vera...to a lifelong asthmatic and skin problemist...Aloe Vera is the real deal.

I want to grow some....


Ur Cyborg.

SheR. said...

>>Brendan da Cyborg mate!
Yes, you should grow these lovely Aloe Vera which are so easy to grow.