This was how it looked like!!

It's TWO years old! What a long time it seemed....I couldn't believe the age of my blog and I actually lost count. Well I'm pretty bad with birthdays so.. sorry Blog. You're my nice and good companion for these two years.

I first started the Blog when I visited Croatia on a holiday.. took a week off my busy Chef work sometime in mid September 2006. Seems like everything happened in September.. first time I went to live in London, my Blog and when I flew to Croatia... lots of stuff.

This is my First Blog. In case you haven't noticed, I happen to run 2 other Blogs alongside this being the main Blog where I spend my mornings, afternoons and late nights sometimes.. Blogging, reading comments (laughing myself silly at times) and spending time changing the look of this Blog. Now I can say I'm pretty satisfied with the look of the Blog and don't think I will change it again for a long long time. Sorry peeps.. I love Turquoise so I'm sticking with it! Hee:P

Now this Blog has over 380 posts, many of the earlier I've deleted (sorry) because they no longer fit in with the theme of this Blog. Food.. yes.. it's about Food. I was initially lost and started blogging about my life. But I've decided to blog on a specific topic now ... my passion and dream. If you've read the earlier posts, I've done horrible stuff from copy and paste to constant ranting about my busy Chef work. All that has stopped finally! Phew! I've also done some stuff about Environmental issues. Talking about being off topic! Ha...

Of course there were bad times where I only get one visitor in 4 days. Now I get at least 4 visitors a day and hopefully 4 comments a day! I'm not too greedy. Just 4. ;) Not to mention when the layout of the Blog went completely bonkers or when I have limited internet access to Blog. Hate those days. I felt lost without Blogging.

And on this joyous day, may all you my dear readers and visitors on this 18th of September, enjoy reading my Blog. Do remember it and pop by ever so often. Not to mention my dear dear Blogging mates that I've made these two years... Brendan da Cyborg, CK the Londoner, BK my old friend, Syari Sayang in Budapest, Dear Intelligent Durano, Jasmine busy Shanea, Garang ECL, Sweet Amsie the Foodie, Lovely Lotus Flower, Shutter Buggie, DineometerDeb, the not so Grumpy Chef and many many more.. Love you all! And thanks a lot for making Blogging so much fun!!!!


C K said...

Hey! I'm the first one here (out of your daily four...)!

Happy birthday to your blog! You know what? Your original theme was the exact one that I chose when I first started blogging 18 months back. Great minds DO think alike. Oh well...

Will like to thank you for all your valuable insights from your comments on my blog. To many more quality posts to come. Cheers!

SheR. said...


Pop the Champagne!!! Hoorah!!!
Oh I chose it because I love the colour. Yeap.. my obsession with Turquoise. Sorry everyone! :P

No probs. I love commenting. Brings back memories of London living. Hahaha..


BK said...

Happy Birthday to uR rEsiDent CheF! :)

SheR. said...

Thanks again BK! :)

Anonymous said...


cchiovitti said...

Happy Blog Birthday and many happy returns!

Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

It's really quite an experience to be blogging. It does not only remove the humdrum from everyday living, but takes us to a world very much like the real only less inhibited :-) Most of the time we don't have to seriously watch our backs confident in the thought that each one is a decent citizen blogger. Anyway there's Google to serve as the web 'police':-)Kidding.

I am thrilled to see my name included in your list. I am honored and feeling happy, I could almost feel your warmth much like a real world friend and that you're just a street away from where we live; that we could have coffee or tea, lunch, or dinner; you bringing your loved one and me bringing mine and we just talk and talk and talk our hearts away.

And before that pretty thought make me forget, may I greet your blog a happy birthday and I am sure we are looking forward to many, many more informative posts. Posts served with fun, humor and plenty of sharing in mind.

And thank you for your friendship.


lina said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

SheR. said...

>>CChiovitti! Hi and welcome to my blog!

Thanks for the well wishes and enjoy the champagne!

>>Lina! Welcome back!
Thanks to you too!! :)

SheR. said...

>>Hello my dear friend Lotus Flower.
I am honoured to be considered a friend of yours! :)
Maybe one day we'll be real friends. Who knows?

Blogging makes the world smaller. We get to learn and read about some people's lives. Expose ourselves to different cultures. I've learnt to judge others less. I'm travelling the world through my computer everyday! What a joy!!

EastCoastLife said...

Happy Birthday to your blog!

I'm waiting patiently for your return to Singapore. Looking forward to meeting you. :)

SheR. said...

Thanks ECL.
I hope I don't disappoint you :P

ipanks said...

happy birthday to you and keep good posting

SheR. said...

Thanks a lot Ipanks!!! :))

My Bug Life said...

Congrats on your blog's 2nd anniversary!

SheR. said...

Thanks Shutter Buggie!! :)

Syari said...

May you have many blogging years ahead of you Sher dear! :D

JMom said...

Happy Blogversary :)

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hello Dear Friend Sher,

Happy Birthday to your blog, and I would like to congratulate you for this long and fruitful journey into a world where friends can be made and felt even if no physical visualization is achieved.

Despite this limitation, I believe a person's inner personality, their kindness, generosity, and overall humanity is expressed in the content of their posts, the consistency with which they express their attitudes and values, and in the tone of the words they use.

The actions involved in blogging that may partly attest to this goodness in the person's heart may be evident in the reciprocity and continuous encouragement engendered by the regular exchanges of messages and greetings.

Your warmth comes through, sometimes your sadness or homesickness too, and I can feel that very well. There are occasions when I have the same feelings when I'm away from home doing work in far off places and no one to share frustrations with or enjoy triumphs with.

You are a thoughtful and loving person and deserving of all the happiness you can get. You have also gone through a lot. I'm happy that you've found a home so far from where you came from.

Regardless of whether I see you in person or not, or the limitations provided by the internet; I consider you a friend, a real and true friend I am privileged to know and to claim. I'm fortunate to have known you. Take care. :-) --Durano, done!

uncommon said...

"was initially lost and started blogging about my life."


Just personally, I like to read about your life. The personal touch is what makes your blog so special.

It is a great blog as it is, but the personal touch is what makes it 'sing'.

Ur Cyborg


Avatar said...

Dear Sher,

Keep on blogging. If you need more visitors, you probably need to promote it shamelessly LOL :) Consider EntreCard or *whatever*

Admire your endurance, though. I've been blogging only about 6 months and starting to feel weary already LOL.


SheR. said...

Jmom and Syari!!
Thanks a lot for the wishes!!! :) I'm so happy that you two can come over and leave me some comments!!! Much appreciated and do come back again!!! :D

SheR. said...

>>My dear friend Durano!!!
Thanks for all the compliments.. you made me blush :P

I have seen so many blogs out there and sometimes I wonder if what we see on the blog is the true personality. That goes for everyone in the real world too.

For me, I hate to try to be nice when I don't mean it. Sigh.. this personality traits got me into trouble many times in my life. But I just can't pretend. I am what I am and this is reflected in my blog.

I wish to post all the health news that I find and sincerely want to share with everyone that chances upon this blog. I care in my own little way no matter even if he/she is someone I've never met.

Hope everyone enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy sharing every little bit I have! :)

SheR. said...

>Brendan mate! :)
Thanks! I didn't know that my little personal experiences matter much in those posts!

I won't disappoint you! I will continue to Blog.. my style! ;)

SheR. said...

Hello Avatar!!!
Welcome to my Blog!!!! Hm.. I think there's still a little champagne leftover. Don't be shy to top up your glass!

Blogging is not easy. And sometimes, like I said, we lose focus. We start ranting and complaining.. and that negativity is not healthy when dosed out daily through the blog.

You too.. keep blogging. Find something you love and keep writing!! :)

Hm.. I'm not too greedy about getting lots of traffic. Just slow and steadily.

Avatar said...

Dear SheR,

Haha... thanks for the encouragement. Yeah, organic growth is the best.

You are right: success doesn't come overnight, so why should blogging be any different?

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment in my blog. Have a nice weekend...

Cheers :)

SheR. said...

Hiya Avatar!
No problem! That's what Blogging is about. Sharing the tips and making new friends everyday!