Honey crystallizing!!

No worries. Your honey hasn't gone "bad". In fact it is one of the few food in the world that doesn't go mouldy. According to this article, it is due to the water content of most honeys. So you can store honey in any condition and it will still taste like when you first bought it.

However, most honeys do crystalllize and each type of honey crystallize at different rates. That is because they are untreated, ie, they are not heat processed and filtered to maintain their liquid form. The Acacia Honey do stay liquid for a longer time than the honey from the lime trees.

Specialist honeys (Honey that are produced from particular flowers that the bees collect the nectar from) have that own flavours and tastes. You can taste the Acacia or the fragrance of the flowers in the meadow. They are gently warmed and filtered to retain their natural flavours. Over in Croatia, they are easily available on most supermarket shelves. Each type will have specific health benefits for the average person or those with weaker kidneys.

For those who are interested to know a little about the hardworking bees, do read this post done by a good friend of mine.

Of course, we love honey for the wonderful flavour it adds to the ham or roast chicken. I love to include it in my confectionery as its subtle sweetness is less overpowering than the refined white sugar. So Honey what are you waiting for? Go and grab a bottle of honey now.


BK said...

I love honey especially when it is mix with lime or lemon. My mother always makes this for us when we have sore throat. Did it help? I am not too sure but it is a very nice drink. How many part of honey to lemon? I would say, "up to your personal preference." :)

SheR. said...

Hi BK mate!
Yeah.. Honey and Lemon. The perfect mix. Though I've never tried baking a Honey Lemon Cake. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Honey has been used as medicine since the ancient times so there must be something about it.

Syari said...

My husband is a honey lover. He uses honey most of the time instead of sugar. I am more sugar person coz I'm a coffee drinker. CAn't imagine honey with coffee. Would taste strange.

SheR. said...

hi Syari...
Honey and Coffee?? Yeah I agree it doesn't go... Tea will be great with Honey! Mmm.. I'm craving for a cup of Teh C right now!!!