It's Chocolate Time!

Yes everyone. Back to my favourite ingredient of all time, Chocolates! All ladies I know you love it as much as I do. For me, it is my profession and my favourite food. Nothing is more comforting than a decent chocolate. Though I would love to stock up on my chocolate supplies, the prices of chocolates have gone completely haywire in the recent months. Well.. I'm glad I can be satisfied with just a small piece of chocolate. So I can save on those bucks and calories too!

What do we do with Chocolates today? Chocolate Tempering. Yes, for all patissieres, it is the most important process to learn along with all the sugarwork. But trust me, no patissiere will qualify as one if he or she does not know how to Temper Chocolate.

This is one of the most interesting lessons when I was in Bakery School. The lesson of Chocolate Tempering. To explain the concept simply, it is to bring the Chocolates to the correct temperatures so that the fat crystals in them can be suspended. This process will result in a nice beautiful shine of your chocolate products and a lovely crunch when you bite into it.

How to identify incorrect Tempering? The lack of shine on the Chocolates, it melts easily and there are white streaks (which is Fats in the Chocolates). Let's not get too technical here. If you wish to know more about Chocolate Tempering, I suggest you get a decent book about Chocolates and read about it. Then practise and practise.

So each type of Chocolates have to be Tempered at different temperatures according to the amount of Fats in each. So do read carefully before you proceed. Don't worry if your Chocolates are not tempered correctly and show the above signs that I've stated, simply melt them and re-temper them.

Good luck and enjoy!


My Bug Life said...

Pardon my ignorance but is that something like chocolate rum balls covered in coconut flakes or something? Looks yumm yumm..:)

SheR. said...

Hey Shutter Buggie!

Hm.. They are not coconut flakes but ground almond! Not chocolate Rum balls... I'll explain more about it in another post!