MSG makes you FAT!

Monosodium Glutamate or the more popular name MSG may increase your weight gain according to a new research.

This new study suggests that MSG actually increases the risk of being overweight by about 175 % .

If you are interested to read more about this study, here is the article link.

What is MSG? MSG is a sodium salt. It is a food additive and flavour enhancer. Most commonly found in our junk foods in-a-pack especially Potato Crisps. In Asian cuisine, it is also the most important flavour enhancer. That explains the strong flavour in most sauces.

To learn more about MSG, read this Wikipedia link.

I am not a doctor or nutritionist but I've been told many times to stay away from the evil MSG. Most people reported a "numbing of the tongue" after consumption of too much MSG. I guess it is the same effect when one consumes too much Sodium. And as we all know, Sodium is bad for us. You can read it in one of my earlier posts.

Total abstinence from MSG can prove to be harder than we thought. It takes a considerable time for us to switch our diet to a low sodium one. Most of the time, we do not like bland food and will enhance it with Salt if MSG is not available. However, we should to start getting use to blander food and not wait till health problems to surface before we start forcing ourselves to eat healthily. Eating healthy is not a torture. You may not see the problems now but do not wait till it's too late. So Eat Well, Stay Healthy and be Happy.


BK said...

I totally agree with you to not wait till health problems to surface before we change our eating habits. It is a good thing that most people has started to eat more healthily now. We can go for healthier choice even when we need to eat out.

SheR. said...

Hello BK.
Yes. I think it's very much self discipline to choose the right food for our body. Hope everyone choose wisely.

EastCoastLife said...

In Singapore these days, in order to cut costs of gas and ingredients, many hawkers have resorted to adding MSG to make the food more flavourful. It's not healthy to eat out these days.

C K said...

Does crisp contain MSG? I'm munching on a packet as I type.... lol

Is it because consuming MSG makes you more thirsty and thus increasing water intake? With higher salt concentration in your body, more water is retained to maintain osmotic pressure, which lead to weight increase. Hmm...

Lotus Flower said...

Over here, MSG is now conveniently called umami and is being actively promoted by a large Japanese food company in a 10 minute cooking show which serves as a program gap filler. Featuring local celebrities, they cook and eat food enhanced with umami. The show further claims that umami is also found in natural foods and food additives.

I don't understand and yes, Yuck!

Syari said...

I don't use MSG ever since I got married. Glad I don't. As a child, I was told, too much MSG makes you lose hair. (I realize now it was because my mom didn't want me to eat too much maggie instant noodles) LOL But I believed her,so when I saw a kid that has bald spots on the head, I immediately suspected that the mom must have been using a lot of MSG in her cooking. LOL

SheR. said...

>>ECL dear..
So scary that we have to go back to those days when MSG is so popular in all our food. Sighs.. it's hard to do business nowadays when everyone's more flavourful food but complain that it's not healthy??

>>Hi CK!
You have to check your packet to crisps if you want to be sure that it does not contain MSG.

Thanks for the info about Salt!

>>Hey Lotus Flower!
That is such an evil trick that the marketeers are using. Just dress up MSG in another name and pretend it's good for health? So unethical!

>>Syari Sayang..
My mum told me about the losing hair myth too. And things like it's bad for kidneys. Not sure how true these are...? But I'm keeping my distance from MSG and Sodium!

uncommon said...


For once in my life: I did the right thing. I've always felt a bit odd with our English version of Chinese food, which leaves you with a raging thirst and after about an hour you feel hungry again.

I never knew what it was, till I found out about MSG: and that made it clear to me.

Then one time a person I was close to, and cooking for, had a hearing problem and we had to cut right down on salt...

I cut RIGHT down and it was odd, after about six weeks of no salt and no Chinese food with MSG, she got her hearing right back, and when I tried to eat a bag of chips with my beer (crisps) I couldn't manage the salt in them.

So, nothing against "Chinese" food, just to agree, there's too much salt in everything.

Ur Cyborg...

be well.


SheR. said...

Hello Brendan mate!
I do agree that most of the Chinese food in restaurants are disgusting. Can you believe I only been to a Chinese restaurant 4 times during the 3 years in London? I refused to step into one. Can't stand the thought of adding Paprika to every stir fry. So un-Chinese! And Yucks yucks..I need lots of tea to wash down those salty gravy!!!

lina said...

hard to cut on MSG since I eat out most of the time. :-(

SheR. said...

Hi Lina!
Hm.. maybe you can increase your fruits or vegetables?