School Lunch Ideas

"Back to school we go.."

As the children return to school for a new semester, I'm sure mums are heaving a sigh of relief. However, the headache never seem to go away as there is the new problem of School Lunches. What to include so that your child will eat healthily and yet keep them interested.. well so as to keep them away from Burgers and Chips?

Here's a nice link for About.com that have some wonderful ideas to inspire you. If not, we can brainstorm here and come up with a few.

Wraps seem to be the easy options on the site. It's a good alternative to sandwiches. Yeah, I can see the face of some children cringing to the thought of another wholemeal sandwich. So here's one of my personal favourite, Salsa Chicken Wrap. Guess what, it's one of the first dishes that helped me start to appreciate salad in food. Here's a simple recipe:

Chicken Breast
Tomatoes (Chopped Tomatoes in Can)
Dried herbs
Cucumbers (optional.. I never include it as I'm no big fan of it)
Salad leaves (Lettuce of any sort, spinach, etc.)
Shredded Cheese (Optional)
Wraps of any sort

To prepare the Chicken Breast, marinate it in a little Salt and Pepper. Cut it into strips.
In a saucepan, empty the can of Tomatoes (add some freshly chopped Tomatoes if you like). Add a teaspoonful of Dried Herbs to it and Paprika for extra spiciness. Season the Tomato sauce. Pour in the Chicken. Simmer till Chicken is cooked. Set aside to Cool.

Preparing the wraps:
Place the salad leaves at the bottom else the Salsa sauce will make the wraps too soggy. The rest of the ingredients, you can place them in any order. Roll them up and it's all done!

Hope the kids like my Salsa Chicken Wrap! Do share your ideas if you have any.

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