Stop Food Wastage: Stale Bread Part 2

Yes, I'm back with another post about Food Wastage and Stale Bread. This amazing item has another use. And it's one of my favourite desserts too.. Bread and Butter Pudding. Here's the recipe of Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding that I've posted months ago. But there are so many ways to vary this recipe according to your own preference.

For the jam-loving family that I live with, I like to stick to the traditional English recipe. No Chocolate is what they indicated. So at the bottom of the tray, put a few nice spoonfuls of marmalade or Apricot Jam before you stick those buttered bread slices in. Then drop a few more dollops in between the bread slices. Of course to complete the sweet jammy experience, glaze the finished product with a jam of your choice when the Pudding is straight out of the oven.

So that concludes our second part. Have fun baking!


ipanks said...

you like cooking, don't you?hmm i like to try your cooking :D.btw would you mind to exchange links with me?i have add your blog in my Friend Links with name SherXR or you want another title for the name?please feel free to check in my blog.thank you

C K said...

I must admit that bread pudding is not my favorite food but that's better than letting bread go stale.

Anyway, got a couple of jars of kaya last week and has been feasting on bread ever since. Oh well... :)

SheR. said...

>>Ipanks hello again.
Yes.. cooking and baking are my profession. Not just a liking or to pass time but a Passion! :)
I'll include the link soon. Sorry I'm rather busy this week. Hopefully I can sort out stuff by next. Please bear with me!

SheR. said...

>> CK! Oi oi!
Well.. at least I've found a good way to make use of all my stale bread and please the fat tummy in the same time.

I will be enjoying my Ya Kun Kaya Toast real soon!!! Soon....

Jasmine Shanea said...

ok... here i go commenting on a tangent!

I've got just 4 words to say to you: