Stop Food Wastage: Stale Bread


As promised, this is the first post about how I save my food at home. First item that is often thrown away in many homes, Stale Bread. I have more than one use for this really useful ingredient and I being a baker can never find the heart to discard bread that can be turned into something edible.

I think many of you will know about this... you can save your Stale Bread to make Breadcrumbs! It's not rocket science to make it. But why spend a few dollars on a bottle of Breadcrumbs in supermarket when you can easily make your own and even season it to your personal taste!

First for those who do not have an oven, you can leave your Stale Bread out to dry till they are completely rock hard. Else like me, stick it in the oven on a temperature you desire. Don't turn it into charcoal though! Toast it on both sides till it gets a nice tan (golden brown).

Next step, get out your favourite food processor. One with a nice sharp blade. Blitz the Toast till oblivion!!! Muahahah.. oops... sorry. I mean till you get nice find breadcrumbs!

Like I said, you can season them with some dried herbs, salt and pepper. Use them to coat your favourite pork cutlets! Wonderful.... I can smell that on your pan already! And there you have it... never throw away stale bread .. oh.. unless they are mouldy of course.

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