Ur Resident Chef Gardening Time

Guess what? I just found two new additions to my Garden. Turmeric and Lime Plants.

Remember my last update on my Garden after I shifted to the new place? I have only two pots of plants left. Most of the other plants did not survive the Aphids attack. I was so depressed for sometime as I watched my little plants dying slowly. Anyone of you have such attachments to your plants?

I'm tall and slim. They call me Lemongrass!

Anyway, I cut up two empty PET bottles and made them into pots. Now one of them is housing my lovely Lemongrass. Oh.. Lemongrass is not exactly the prettiest addition to my Garden but hey, it's the most useful. I heard it might ward off those buzzing mosquitoes. Come to think of it, I never had any problems of mosquitoes at the flat! Lemongrass looks pretty much like grass.. real territorial. So I had to reserve one pot strictly for this aggressive plant. It's quite a sucker for moisture too. So watering it daily helps. Plus ample sunshine. Don't forget where it originates from!

I'm short but elegant. Turmeric I am!

Now to my Turmeric. It's the first time I'm growing a Turmeric root. My mum told me it's worth a try. So I stuck the root (exposing the shoots) in soil and wait for any sign of green coming from the chrome yellowish root. After a month of wait (sufficient water), it has one of the most beautiful leaves I have ever seen in most of my plants. Reminds me of banana. I hope the Root will survive the coming winter!!

Sweet sweet Calamansi!!

Remember I tried countless times to grow calamansi or limes? After throwing about 15 seeds of lemon and lime, this morning I spotted the cute 4 leaves sticking its head in the sun! I think it should be calamansi as it has the characteristic lime leaves. Let's pray real hard that this lonesome warrior continues to stay in my Garden.

That's all for Gardening Time. Would appreciate it if anyone has any tips to protect my little plants in autumn. Cheers!!


DineometerDeb said...

My tip is to have a friend that gardens because I suck at it. In fact I just stole three cherrie tomatoes from her tree. Shhhh!

My future goal is to have one of those herb gardens.

SheR. said...

Wow! That's a brillant idea Dineometer! I'll keep that in mind! ;)

I wish I have enough space in my future flat to grow some herbs.

Lotus Flower said...

I remember, back at our old place, we have several calamansi growing up to 6 inches but wonder of all wonders, they never got anywhere because some unidentifiable insects gnaw and eventually destroys its leaves. Ahh! Swell :-)

I hope yours would be a happier story.


SheR. said...

Lotus Flower!!
Oh no.. I hope mine will survive the winter first... It's such a pretty little plant. Love the leaves. I used them to cook my favourite Thai dishes! Ah... can't wait for it to grow bigger!