Baka (Grandma) Karner's Cookies

Don't complain about the lack of Croatian sweets on this Blog. I haven't had the chance to capture any before the entire family finished the boxes of goodies each time! So now I have one just for you.

Note that in Croatian cookies and cakes, they use a lot of pudding (which is easily available in supermarkets) instead of buttercream. Frosting is usually Icing Sugar mixed with some crushed biscuits they call Petite Beurre (Little Butter biscuits).

Our 85 year old Baka is wonderful in baking. On every children's and grandchildren's birthday, we are sure to get 3 boxes full of cookies of different varieties freshly made! How lucky are the Karners?

So sit back and enjoy the cookies!


C K said...

Hey, it looks like Turkish delight! Is the texture soft as well? Looks rather sinful with those sugar coating (I'm sure it's not called that) sprinkled on it... hmm, that reminds me, must cut down on my sugar intake...

SheR. said...

Not really CK..
Most of the cookies have icing sugar on top or a thick layer of frosting. Bet you'll like it! Ha!