Do you want to learn 7 things..?

.. About me? Yeah my dear blogger mate Lotus Flower has tagged me. I thought it'll be fun to share some small things about me, myself and I.

1, After chatting with my dear Blogger friend Amsie, I realised that not many of you know that I'm standing at a 1,73m height from my pictures on the Blog. Yes yes, I'm not your typical petite Asian. I'm what my mum calls a Daddy Long Legs!

2, I have small hands! I hate that when I used to work at the bakery and kitchen. I have to do everything twice as long. A handful of anything in my standard is below average. That explains why most of the food I cook is blander than normal! Ha!

3, I was obsessed with computer languages. I almost made it my profession but I'm lucky I didn't! I attended so many course to learn those languages just for the sake of knowing them. Basic, Visual Basic, C++, Visual C, Turbo Pascal... Unfortunately I do not know any web programming languages!!!

4, Speaking of languages, I do speak 4 languages: English, Mandarin (Chinese), French and now Croatian (not fluent but able to read and understand) and 3 Chinese Dialects: Teochew (very fluent), Hokkien and Cantonese (a little tongue twister for me). I would love to learn more but I need to have more cash!!

5, I love Mountains. It's so comforting to see the Mountains. It's like I'm being hugged by Nature! The other reason is I love trees!

6, I'm a Manga fan. My brother owns more than 200 comic books. So that pretty much explains my love for it!

7, Can I leave this out? I really ran out of things to confess?! All right.. I'm a big eater. I love to eat. My fiance calls me a Monster. I don't put on weight even when I binge non stop. Envy? I grew fatter only when I'm on a bad diet (hint hint London).


Jasmine Shanea said...

Give me your long legs!! hahaha... i look like a hamster. that says it all! :)

Can't wait to see ya in sunny Singapore. heh.

SheR. said...

No comments.. no comments...

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

London was really a bad experience eh? And I didn't know you were that tall. Wow! So your Croatian partner and you can really see eye to eye. LOL!

As far as I know, people continue to grow in height until about age 27. After that, growth is sideways. So be careful with the volume of food you eat. Ha ha ha. :-) --Durano, done!

SheR. said...

Hm.. Durano.
My fiance is over 1.8m. So it's perfect! ;)

I hope I don't sideways. Been trying to keep my weight down. Yeah it's a lot tougher for me to put on weight than to lose it. I used to put on and off 3kg every few months like a yo-yo.

But I have a good BMI of 21. So I'm not underweight!

piebuko said...

I forgot the long legs. You once commented on the same thing when I wrote about my equally long legs. I am not your average Asian too. I tower over most women. It's embarrassing!

lotusflower said...

Hi Sher,

Height good for a beauty pageant eh :-)

Maybe, you can teach me to speak French the way French people do. One day, when we come to meet, perhaps, in Singapore. My daughter is already there working as a Pre-School and Special Child Teacher:-)

Thanks and more Cheers!

SheR. said...

Hi Piebuko!
Don't be embarassed. Not many has good genes like ours!! ;)

Hello Lotus Flower.
Sure if you will drop by between 23rd to 8th. I'll be there. Drop me an email or comment here. I'll contact you! :)

Syari said...

Manga fan eh? I love manga too. And anime. Though many cannot understand why due to my age. sucks really. Am I suppose to like handbags, knitting and such instead of reading manga and watching animes? LOL

Beau Lotus said...

I certainly envy the height and the weight. I just need to look at food to grow fat. Doesn't help when I'm so katek.

BTW, où as-tu appris ton Français? Did you live in France? I saw your Paris-Brest gâteau and I'm salivating (and putting on grams). Have been thinking that I should make myself some soon. It's my favourite before the Mille-feuille.

SheR. said...

My brother is almost 40 and still loves manga!
It doesn't matter how old you are as long as you like it!
Manga Mania!!! ;)

>> Bonjour Beau Lotus.
J'ai etudiee la langue en AF (Singapur).
I was studying and working in London.. that's where I baked all the French pastries.Hee... Paris Brest..mmmm...