Garlic breath can do wonders!

Yes.. It's official.. Mosquitoes are scared of Garlic. And the scent of Garlic actually overpowers that of the Mosquitoes so they can't smell us, the humans! Eating lots of Garlic does help too! Hm.. I think my aunt and cousin will be happy to hear this!!!

Here's an informative article that explains the relationship between Garlic and Mosquitoes (if you are interested :P).

So much information one can find on the web.


uncommon said...


Nothing, not a thing will ever keep mosquitoes off me. I've tried it all, deep, everything.

The girls can be out on the patio/deck drinking mint juleps or iced tea and there are no skeeters around.

I arrive and am mobbed by millions of 'em in seconds.

I've tried the garlic, and have eaten a lot of it, but nothing keeps 'em away.


BK said...

This is something interesting. But I seriously think not only mosquitoes will stay away ... other humans will also stay away from me if I eat too much garlic. :)

Lotus Flower said...

An ex-house help had a different tack. In a bottle, she would mix lots of diced garlic, (like a head) with coconut oil, let it stay there for a day and use it by rubbing the mixture on her aching muscles and joints. She told me that it relieved both her mascular and arthritic symptoms.

I do this too and yes, they keep mosquitos away, as well.

SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate...
You remind me of my fiance. He complains about mosquitoes ALL the time.. while I hardly even see them. I guess some people attract mosquitoes more than others :P

Eeek...I think that will make you the least popular person with the girls!!! Garlic breath! Ew... I can't stand the smell!!

>>Lotus Flower :)
Thanks for sharing some secret weapons against the mosquito-kind. Bet Brendan with his Cyborg skin will appreciate it if this works for him!!!

pixen said...

Hi Sher, Still in Croatia or Sin? I don't agree with garlic & mosquito :-P Why? Cos, I'm one of those 'lucky' sacrifice for the buzzers! I read before it's due to blood type... these mozzies fav - Type 'O'! They don't look stupid aren't they? :-( IF there's no 'O' in their targets, they will go for others. Well, next time if you have friends who constantly had bites from Mozzies & other biters...ask them what's their blood type.

I tried evreything, some said take lots of Vitamin Bs and even drink lots of wine??? Which I ended being dead drunk and not even finishing my first gulp plus bites! Another saviour for me is a product from Belgium made from citronella and had been tested on the inventor inside malaria,etc infested mozzies - MustiMug. You can mostly find it in Thailand and in Belgium (they colonised Congo hence the products.)

SheR. said...

Hi hi Pixen.
Thanks for letting me know.
I wouldn't know if the Garlic thing is effective or not as I do not attract mosquitoes. My fiance does and yes.. his lovely delicious O Blood is tempting to the blood suckers!

Flying home on Tuesday! Still around...