Get them sticking to your Wok!!

Wok Stickers anyone? Not such an appetizing name? Well.. then perhaps Guo Tie or Gyoza strikes a chord? Yes. My dear Cyborg mate Brendan asked me about the recipe for a certain Chinese Dumplings. This has to be it then. The famous Wok Stickers. Or if you prefer it with soup, you can get Shui Jiao with the addition of prawns.

Well and since today is my beloved's birthday, this is his favourite dish to date... the Gyoza! I will leave you with a recipe to make the skin from scratch (yeah for those living overseas with no access to the dumpling skin like I do!). For the fillings, I shall post a separate article. So do come back for seconds!

Gyoza Skin
Yields 20 (depending on the size)
3 cups Plain Flour (Wheat Flour of medium strength)
1 cup Hot Water (need not be boiling)
1/2 cup Cold Water (just straight from the tap)
1 tsp Salt
1, Mix Plain Flour, Salt and Hot Water till they are combined. (Flock Stage when the Flour develops Gluten.)
2, Add Cold Water in portions and continue kneading. You do not have to add ALL of the Cold Water. If the dough appears sticky, add some Flour. The dough should be elastic and malleable.
3, Rest for 20 minutes before use. (Keep the dough covered as it might catch a draft and form a skin!)

There you have it. Have fun playing with the dough!


Lots of love and kisses,


Alexys Fairfield said...

Hi Sher,
Are Wok Stickers the same as what we call in the U.S. Pot Stickers? They sound similar if not the same. Suddenly I have a craving for them.

Happy Birthday to Marin! Best wishes. Don't forget the cake. :D

Lotus Flower said...

Happy birthday to your sweet. I am sure there's going to be some awesome fun activity later in the day. Some dinner, plus a homemade dessert, then, an ambiance, a little wine, and presto moments to remember:-)



SheR. said...

Hiya Alexys!
Yes I think they should be the same. Dumplings as they should be known as. They are fantastic but really labour intensive. But now with my recipe, you can replicate them at home too! ;)

Marin says Thanks!

SheR. said...

>>Lotus Flower.
He says Thanks. Well.. I decided to leave the cake making to MIL instead. She made an awesome Tiramisu!!! Yummy!!!! And lot of cakes and cookies from our Baka (Grandma). It was a very stuffed and sweet birthday!!! We ate non stop for the entire day!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

Happy Birthday to Marin. I believe you are what makes him truly happy, therefore everyday is his birthday.

Is that possible, to eat non-stop the whole day? Wouldn't you have a heart attack doing that? LOL!

If I had known you were having so much food I would have brought the entire population in the Delta in your place. That whole day eating of yours would have lasted only an hour. He he he, just joking.

Tell Marin to take good care of you, otherwise he will be the saddest man in the world for the rest of his life. :-) --Durano, done!

uncommon said...


Thank you for the recipe, I couldn't get this one right here in the UK, I don't get enough time to concentrate properly on things and the kitchen isn't as good as mine in Atlanta.

So, I'm going to try and get them done when I get back home this weekend coming.

hvala vam


SheR. said...

Hey Durano!
Yeah.. we were munching on cakes, cookies, chocolates and burgers. The next day we had a big plate of Fish. Yummy! You're always welcome to bring your friends over! :P

>>Brendan mate!
I'm waiting for your experiment with my Gyoza then! :) Let me know how it turn out!!!