Ibanag Cooking Beans with Friendship Award

Not sure what I'm talking about? Well.. then check out my favourite Blogger friend at Ibanag Cooking. What's up at the blog? My dear friend Lotus Flower is cooking Beans today. Erm.. not exactly, she has done an informative article concerning Beans and Food poisoning. So don't miss it out if you are a big Bean fan!

Beans beans beans. It is one of the most commonly used name around. According to Wikipedia, it simply refers to seeds of the Fabaceae family or simply the Legumes family. I'm not a fan of the Beans but I've heard of its many health benefits...dietary fibre, protein.. to name a few. Here's a nice article which lists all of it for you.

Beans are also found in almost every cuisine. In Singapore, the most essential Bean is the Soy or Soya. It comes in forms of sauces (light, dark soy sauce) or Miso paste (fermented paste found in Japanese cuisine) or get it in a cold packet of Soy Milk. I could go on about it but I'll stop there. There are various other types of beans we used in our dishes too besides the Soy bean.. for example, the Black Beans. Over in Croatia where I am, my future in laws love their Fajoli dish which is basically Canolli beans (dried ones) cooked with lots of ample goodness such as Barley. Nope, it's not the usual Fajoli Pasta like the Italian version but a nice steamy hot pot of beans with ham to accompany Rice. Lovely lovely!

I'm done with all the pleasantries of Beans. The really annoying part of eating Beans is the amount of Flatulence it generates. I guess if an entire village eats it in a day, the amount of fart is enough to power the electricity for the week! :P I've read many ways of reducing the amount of Flatulence but mind you it can't get rid of it totally! So bear with the stinky fart after a Beany meal!

Okay, here's the Friendship Award part. Lotus Flower has presented me with a friendship award sometime ago. So I should hand it out to my Blogger friends listed below:

CK @ Singapore in London

Syari @ Celebrating Life

Amsie @ Curious Foodie

Deb @ Dine-o-meter

ECL @ Eastcoastlife

Durano @ Spitting Vessel

Andrew @ Air Sick

BK @ Symphony of Love

G-lato @ White Carrot

Alexys @ Soul Meets World

XY @ Orthorexic Foodie

So there you have it, a super long post! Happy cooking!


BK said...

Hey mate, thank you for the award! See you this month in Singapore. :)

EastCoastLife said...

Thanks for the award!
See you in Singapore!

uncommon said...


Post not long enough....

Why you no like beans, dear lady?

FWIW, the 'effect' you speak of, which also occurs with fibre and vegetables, eases off after a bit.

And....all of us do it:)

I like putting 'em in soups, which the divine soup dragon devours. Now and again in salads. I also like the occasional dish of Dahl, but its a bit carb and phat heavy for an old codger like me.


Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

Thanks for the confidence and for mentioning my blog. It really is such an honor and a pleasure.

My sincere appreciation friend.


SheR. said...

>>BK Oi oi!
:) Yay!!!

>>ECL *waves*
No prob!!! See you!!!

>>Brendan mate! *poke poke*
Beans too mushy for my liking. I dislike all mushy food.. mushy peas for instance... cringe-inducing!!!

I never took a liking for beans even those canned forms. Too bad!

>>Lotus Flower :)
It's nice to make a friend like you!

Martin Miller-Yianni said...

No award but I love beans. In bulgaria we eat them all the time, not wind problems either. Bean soup (Bob Souppe)it he best!

ps Thanks for you comment on the singing and dancing pepper article.

SheR. said...

Hello Martin! Welcome again! :)
Bean soup? I wonder how it tastes like. As long as it's not too mushy...

curiousfoodie said...

Awwww thanks sweetie! YAY you're visiting soon!! whistles.


uncommon said...

"mushy peas for instance... cringe-inducing!",


You have offended the entire north of the UK:) Mushy peas no good, there's no romance in your soul guuurl...

When we were kids in the 1950's, if we could find/steal an old octagonal threepenny bit, (three pence), we would go along to Oppits Polish fish and chip shop and buy two pence worth of mushy peas and one penny worth of chips. We'd figger we were kings.

I'll bet you would eat my Dahl and basmati rice with castellated tomatoes, that is food for princes and princesses!

If we ever meet, that's what I shall feed you with:)


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

I for one love to eat beans. Especially so if it is boiled with chinese ham, then cooked with chorizo from Spain, in tomato sauce, garlic and onions.

Add to it some herbs like basil and oregano, and drop a few olives.

This is soooo good. if there are vegetables like cabbage, this may also be included. It's a complete meal.

That's it. I'm cooking this for tonight. Oh, and thanks very much dear friend, for another award. A blogger friend had commented that I had more awards than a Hollywood actor. LOL! Have a nice weekend. :-) --Durano, done!

C K said...

Hey, thanks for the award/link. I didn't know that you'll be dropping by S'pore? How long will you be there? Ahh.. the food back home... gets to me every time.

SheR. said...

>>Amsie sweetie!
Yes!!! :)))

>>Brendan my mate.
No offence to the good old might mushy peas. It's really nutritious especially good for young children!

Basmati Rice.. mmm.. sounds yummy!!1 Do you have Chicken Korma to go with it too??

SheR. said...

>>Hey Hey Durano!!
Hm.. I was looking for Friendship award thingy and Lotus Flower happen to have one. :P

Oh bean beans.. where have you bean?

Shhhh.. it's a secret. I'm only going for a very short trip. So I don't want to tell too many people... too bad most of those I'm meeting are Bloggers! :D

Syari said...

Köszönöm. :) Means thank you. :D

SheR. said...

Syari sayang you're welcomed!! :)
Take care!!

DineometerDeb said...

Thanks you!!!!!!!

SheR. said...

You're welcomes DineOmeter my friend! :)