The word is out!

Omelette, Fried Chicken Wing, Fried Ikan Bilis and Sambal Chilli!!!

Yes for those who frequent my Blog.. I'm returning home to SG for a short trip! :) And now I'm counting down to that day. Here's a picture of what I will eat when I'm home... Nasi Lemak. This dish was what I could put together during my worst craving moments. As you can see I don't know how much coconut milk to put and I ended up with a really sticky rice... reminds me of Thai Glutinous Rice in the end. Well.. I'll leave you drooling over my Nasi Lemak (which means Fatty Rice in Malay) Croatian style! Bon weekend!!!


anj said...

Oi enjoy all the makan for me!!!!

Syari said...

Love the combination. Yummy. :D When are you going back exactly? Remember, when you come back to Croatia, pack lots and lots of cooking ingredients and post to your address in croatia, then pack some more to take along with ya on the flight back. LOL (As if you don't know what to do already. :P)

Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

Have a safe trip friend.

uncommon said...

Dear Dear SheR...

Um, that looks absolutely disgusting!

Which is the omelette part of it?

I hope it tasted a bit better than it looked:)


BK said...

One of my all time favorite breakfasts besides wanton noodle or fried bee hoon. LOL! Tempting you with all the good food. There is one nasi lemak store, at the old place you had in Ang Mo Kio, at coffeeshop that is quite good. I still go back there once in a while. :)

EastCoastLife said...

Poor girl! You will have your fill of Nasi Lemak when you come home! hehe....

SheR. said...

Yes I will.. think I'll miss that out? Hahahah :P

>>Syari sayang.
Sure I will pack lots of ikan bilis and sambal with me this time. Along with curry powder, blah blah...

>>Lotus Flower! Thanks. I'm still here.

>>Brendan da Cyborg mate.
Haha.. sorry that picture was not well taken. Blame it on the Chef! Ha! You'll be surprised how good this Nasi Lemak tastes!!! If you like coconut... mmmmm

Talking about AMK. I miss the Tip Top Curry puff!! My fav!! Must eat everyday! Hahahahah :P

You know.. not only local food I miss.. Thai, Jap and Korean foods... ooo... salivating!!!

C K said...

I took a light breakfast and as a result of which, my stomach is growling right now. Your 'nasi lemak' picture really did me in.

I tried to cook some by dumping pandan leaves and coconut milk into long grain rice. It's not exactly the best but did ok as a substitute.

Instead of fried eggs and chicken wings, I boiled the former and grilled the latter. I made the chilli with thai hot chilli with vinegar and ginger.

Not very authentic I must say but will do for the moment until my next trip back. :)

SheR. said...

Hey hey CK!
Hee hee.. it took me a whole evening to finish the plate of Nasi Lemak too!!

I used Thai Jasmine Rice so I guess that makes a difference.

Yeah.. I'm waiting for the REAL thing.. ain't no better than the REAL thing! ;)

My Bug Life said...

Ooh..nasi lemak is a greater starter. Have a great trip back :)

C K said...

Argh, can you stop railing about having 'the real thing'?? I can't really bring myself to pay for £7-8 for a plate of nasi lemak that I can get for just S$2 back home... ok, maybe S$3 with the inflation and all.

SheR. said...

>>Hi hi Shutter buggie!! :)
Thanks! I will enjoy my trip very much!!

All right I won't say too much about the REAL thing. In certain stalls, one can still get Nasi Lemak for $1!!! :) Those still prepared the traditional way and wrapped in delicious Banana leaf.. with a generous serving of Chilli!!!!! :D
I'm glad I live in Bedok!