From Blog to a Meet-up

All right this is a really late post but you know I'm still posting stuff that happened in Singapore. So do bear with me!

What am I talking about here? My meet-up with a Blogger friend, Amsie from Curious Foodie. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I was really busy during my 15 days in Singapore (with my Aunt) so I managed to squeeze a little 2 hours meet-up with Amsie.

How did we get to know each other? I was surfing the net for some SG food bloggers and I chanced upon Curious Foodie. She has such a passion for baking like I do that I decided to leave her a message. And that's how our friendship grew from there.

We finally met up on a Tuesday afternoon in Starbucks. Not exactly my favourite cafe. And I recalled that space used to be Bakerzin?? Someone enlighten me?? I took a long bus ride from AMK to Cityhall for our fateful meeting. As instructed, Amsie told me to approach the staff if I did not see her there. The friendly staff told me to have a seat and wait for "Amelia" who just popped out for lunch.

And after a while, there she was entering the glass doors. Dressed in the loveliest pick shirt. Ah.. Amsie! Such an honour! :)

For those who I did not have a chance to meet, ECL, Xinyun and Jasmine, I promise I'll meet you all the next time round! And for those SG bloggers who are too arrogant to reply to me (my intention is only to make friends with like-minded peeps), you don't know what you are missing out! :P

To the pretty Amsie, till we meet again the next time. Take care and good luck in everything!


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hello My Dear Friend Sher,

Your photos are wonderful and you look so pretty, even prettier than the one you use for your avatar. Your bubbly personality and wholesome character comes through and blends perfectly with the kind of charming and generous personality I imagined you to have.

It looks as if you had a really terrific time, I'm happy for you. And you've been posting all these dreamy food items that make me salivate. I can almost smell them!

Too bad you were not afforded the time to meet your other friends from the blogs...and I didn't get to meet you too :-(.

Maybe when I go to Croatia, LOL! :-) --Durano, done!

Alexys Fairfield said...

Hi SheR,
That's definitely the upside of blogging. May your friendship prosper.

Happy cooking.

BK said...

Sob sob! You did not even meet up with an old friend. :P

It's ok. I understand that you were really busy with your aunt. See you next round.

SheR. said...

>>Durano my dear friend!
Now now.. you're making my blush again. Amsie is a darling too! :)

It's my homeland. Of course I had a great time! Everything was great! More food coming up.. Heee... there should be more but my camera was not co-operating! :P

Next time you are in SG Durano, let me know. Then you'll get to meet me and my fiance! :)

Or come over here and we'll host you!

SheR. said...

Yeah.. I really love the meeting up part! :P I was a big fan of IRC when I was younger...and I met up with most of my chat mates! Hahahahahha


Sorry lah old (in every sense of the word) mate of mine!!

We'll meet next time. Maybe not in SG. Who knows?

Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

You sure look pretty!!! And surely, someone with lots of caring in her heart.. someone who exudes warmth and grace.. someone I'd like to have as a friend for a long time :-)


SheR. said...

Hey Lotus Flower...
Are you mistaken?? The one on the left is me. The pretty sweetie on the right of the picture is Amsie.

I looked so tired... terrible lack of sleep.

When will I get to meet you then Lotus Flower?

Dutchie said...

Sher, AMK is practically next door to Bishan leh! R there no MRT connection to ur destination ? We usually avoid bus rides bec it tends to take longer n mostly no aircon too :-/

U n Amsie looks great !

SheR. said...

Eh.. Dutchie...
When was the last time you took a bus in SG??? No aircon???? That must be like years ago. :P Now most of the old buses are being phased out. I love those new buses with lots of disabled facilities! :)