Ever been to a wedding banquet in Singapore?

Only "non-blur" picture!

Well.. I had the honour to attend my beautiful cousin's wedding. Not only was the bride as pretty as a flower. The food served at the Peony Jade restaurant was not too bad as well. Like what my cousin Lucy told me, a wedding banquet is not considered perfect if the food served is horrendous! Yes, I totally agree with it. And after "feasting" at two Croatian weddings, I have to add that the banquet should serve MORE THAN ENOUGH food so that the poor guests do not have to leave with a half empty stomach (that is temporarily filled with alcohol!).

The menu!

As I was still equipped with my really antique Nikon Coolpix 775 (only 2MP!!!).. which the wedding photographer had a good time mocking, the pictures did not do the food served any justice! So I'm waiting for my other cousin to supply me with some awesome pictures before my dear readers will get to witness of Singapore wedding.

My aunt was really happy with the food!

In the meantime, just drool over some of the sauces and delicious Chinese food that I've gobbled down with pleasure!



C K said...

A couple of my friends got married when I am in London so I missed those wedding dinners.

Come to think of it, we will only get to attend our friends' weddings within these couple of years, after which, there'll be a drought before we attend our friends' kids' weddings.

Time flies doesn't it? Come to think of it, the food portion for Chinese weddings is really miserable. Hey, I'll go for bulk over quality anytime. :)

SheR. said...

>>CK again.
Chinese wedding miserable???
No way!! Those noodles or rice dishes at the end really make me stuff! Can't even bear to look at it! So much food! Over 8 dishes on the menu. That's Chinese generosity!

I haven't been to any friends' weddings. (Siam siam...) Still more to come... including mine! :D

DineometerDeb said...

Congrats to your cousin!

I have not been to a Singaporean wedding but would love to go to one for the cultural adventure. Maybe you can hook me up with one ; )

The food looks great but you didn't mention the cake. Do singaporean weddings have cake?

SheR. said...

Hello Dineometer!

hm... I guess you can attend mine? But it won't be the authentic Singaporean wedding as my fiance is Croatian :P

Yes.. we have the same type of tiered wedding cakes as in US. No big difference. Usually the tiered cakes are just a symbol. For cutting purpose if you know what I mean. In SG, we do not really appreciate cream cakes that much. Let alone sugar plastered ones...

Dutchie said...

CK/Sher ... There was a time when my parents were snowed under many invites from their friends whose kids were marrying. My dad would attend one n I would accompany my mom to another on the same nite. I had the same "gluttony" experience as Sher with those 8-10 course dinners. I learned real quick to dine lightly on quality dishes n leave the fried rice, mee n soups well alone !

Some restaurants r indeed down-sizing their portions. We had 2 tables for family dining a few times n dishes like Peking Duck were gone after just 1 bite for everyone. My oldest bro didnt get the satisfaction n so a 2nd order was placed ! Same for the shark fin soup - the bowls seemed smaller or hv we become bigger eaters - that was the discussion at the tables after yet another quick disappearance of the soup ! Ditto the 6 dishes that came n went.

In NL, weddings dinners r reserved for (a small) close family. Reason being the cost I think. We usually attend the reception after the church ceremony at the Pub where drinks n finger food r served but never enough to fill ur tummy. People here r very upfront abt the cost involved - transport n the choice of gift (picked out of the desired list of the married couple in a special shop !). U really hv to go with the spirit of celebrating a happy event n not let the cost spoilt it for u, which sadly happens all too often, from what I heard thru the years.

I admire the efforts made in making a chinese wedding memorable n exciting. Weddings here r really nothing to shout abt which is just too bad !

SheR. said...

Dutchie dear.
I think the portions might be getting smaller for the same prices that we used to pay few years ago. Citing rising food prices as a cause. I noticed a trend of opting out the main shark's fin soup for environmental reasons. But seriously one can't be too sure (except for my cousin's case).

The Europeans always have a saying of how thrifty a Dutch is. He will look at a coin twice before spending it. Is it true?

In Croatia, the restaurants mostly suck big time. They only concentrate on serving plenty of meat dishes (which are easily grilled) and the rest of the dishes are so badly done that you can't differentiate the njioki (gnocchi) from the mushrooms. And don't be fooled, there's absolutely no beef in the beef soup.

Croatian weddings are usually ordered by long tables. The bride and groom's table and any excess are seated at other long tables dispersed throughout the restaurants. I prefer our round tables!

Dutchie said...

Sher, r meat affordable in Croatia that they come in heaps at the Wedding ? Here we get just 150 grams steak with greens n potatoes on the side at formal dinners.

Yes, the dutch r well known for being frugal. The expression is - turning the coin twice b4 spending it - comes from way back where most people r so poor n being undecisive whether to spent their precious quarter (20ct) or not. They literally turned the coin back n forth .. looking at it .. finally parting company with it. In the 18th century, there r jobs that paid only 20ct a month by unscrupulous employers.

Actually most parts of Europe lived in poverty for centuries n that is still reflected in their way of life at the present. When I was visiting friends in Scandinavia, I find them very frugal as well. To supplement the meagre meals, esp during the day, I would buy sweet bread buns or instant mashed n weenie sausages whenever my host resort to sandwiches for dinner after a tired day at work. They dont seemed bothered by their lack of hospitality. I hv since learned to get around that. It's culture shock isn't it - to find that hospitality here is very different than back home *sob*

In what way r the croatians different from the dutch ?

SheR. said...

Hello Dutchie! Pardon for the late response! :P

Meat is not any much cheaper. But relatively to fish, it is over in Croatia.

Thanks for the information concerning the Dutch coin! Now I know! :)

Oh talking about the Skandies... I was in Stockholm once. And I was shocked to see the size of those sandwiches on the display shelves. They are massive. But stuffed with several varieties of salad. The Ham Sandwich has only two thinly sliced ham. I thought they were just trying to stay healthy.. now that you mention all those stories to me...

Croats are stingy but really big on Showing Off. Yes I mean BIG time. They would scrimp and save on their meals to buy the latest VW. Or even more amazing mobile phones. Not to mention all the branded clothings!

Are the Dutch any different?

Dutchie said...

Took me quite a while to find back this column ... sorry for late response.

U r very perceptive abt the Croates (?) n I do enjoyed reading abt them.

After having met several nationalities, I hv come to the conclusion that there r some oddities in every one of them ;-[ Even in Sg, a place where folks spent first n worry later, I hv come across people who made the excuse to leave first n let others pick up the tab ! My in-laws does that as well bec my hubby is the oldest but it's just not fair, is it ?

SheR. said...

Hey Dutchie..
At least you found the thread!
hm.. perceptive? Guess it's because my fiance is not typical Croat(ian) and he can't stand the behaviour of most of his fellowmen. Not me! :P

Wow..leaving first so others can pick up the tab? Hm.. not over here. They do have the custom of whoever picks up the tab if he is the one who arranged for the meetup. Strange hur?