Holiday Helpline!

Read this interesting article about holiday hotlines on about.com a couple of days ago. I wonder if any of you need to ring up any of these numbers listed in this article while you are roasting that turkey (hopefully not after you burnt the turkey!)?

I wonder how the operators will sound like? "Good evening. Welcome to the Christmas hotline. For Turkey, please press 1. For Cakes, please press 2... You pressed 1. For tips on how to roast a Turkey, please press 1. If you have burnt your Turkey, please hole while we fetch the numbers of the restaurants with roasted turkeys in stock..."

Seriously, I think most of us love hosting dinners. Perhaps we treat it as a cooking challenge. Or just another time to show off our new kitchen set. Either way, the guests would expect a palatable meal. So impressing them with your cooking and baking skills is really fundamental. However, (as I've realised) do not attempt any dishes that you have not tried before on a holiday season. Try the dish before hand. You do not want to invite your guests over and have them starving because the turkey (the main course) is burnt. Yeah.. me and burnt turkeys!

Housewives have the least thankful job especially when it comes to holiday season. She cleans the house, shops for everything and yet have to cook for everyone. At the end of it all, she just hope those stuffed stomachs will be a little happier. But she will not stop at that. Scrubbing the dishes, cleaning up the mess in the kitchen, it's all down to the housewife again. So what we can do for them is, get her a nice present. Give her a hug and say "Thank you"!


BK said...

LOL! Sounds like almost all helplines in Singapore; Press 1 for English, 2 for Mandarin ...

Christmas ... special time for all to gather, to share and to give. Of course the sharing and giving should be all year round and not only on Christmas. :)

SheR. said...

Hiya BK.
Yeah holiday helpline .. what should I get him for present???

C K said...

Always stick to electronic stuff. Works for me though. :)

Btw, I'm the househusband and my wife is the housewife. We actually said that when we're at the US customs and nearly got retained for that. lol

Anyway, we split the housework and she'll do all the delicate cooking and I lift the heavy stuff. So far so good.

Thinking of getting a turkey from Marks for this Christmas, see how.

SheR. said...

It works for my fiance too. He repairs everything around the house. Thank goodness :P

House-husband? Hee hee...

Let's see how good is the Turkey at M&S.

Dutchie said...

How abt bringing a dish or dessert to a feast to lighten the load for the hostess ? My family has been doing it for years.

I suggested the same to the language school where I attended, for our year ending party. Just imagine tasting foods from 16 foreign lands ! It was a great experience !

C K said...

We got a turkey from Marks last year. It wasn't too bad but it required 3.5hrs in the oven and nearly wrecked it.

Had turkey stew, turkey sandwich, turkey puffs, turkey rice, turkey noodles for the entire week. Was really thankful when we finally finished it.

Lesson learnt: the turkey had the last laugh.

SheR. said...

I wouldn't mind even helping the hostess but you know females are pretty territorial when it comes to hosting....

You must have bought a HUGE turkey???? Heee.. There was nothing left of mine. Got it from Sainbury's.