An Inspired Confection: (Kai xin) Happy Petits Fours!

This is a creation that I made for my cousin's wedding. It was a rushed job (baking and assembling till midnight the day before the wedding!) as you can see from the bad piping of the Chocolate Ganache. The Banana Cake could be thicker. We did try sandwiching the ganache but it did not produce a good enough texture. I can improve on the softness of the cake. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this combination as I've never tried combining Pistachios with Banana before.

Here's the layout:
Bottom: Cut out Banana Chocolate Cake.
Middle: Chocolate Ganache with a splash of alcohol.
Top: Chopped Pistachio Nuts.

Why is it called Happy Petits Fours instead of Going Bananas or Nuts? Well.. pistachio is called "Kai Xin (Happy) Guo" in Mandarin. And for this happy occasion, I shall give it a more common name! :P

Didn't manage to snap a picture of the Lavender Almond cookies that I made to pair off with this Canape. Anyway, my cousin Allen was happy to bring the whole box home thereafter! Yet another inspired confection made especially for my cousin Lucy who loves Bananas!


Dutchie said...

Your cousin Allen is sure smart to take the whole box of yummy cookies home n enjoy it better when there's no rush. Makes me think of our last family BBQ b4 we left Sg the next day. It was so rushed with 30 guests. My hubby n I couldnt remember what we ate ! We talked abt it when we were back in the quiet of our home n it was a pity that we didnt enjoy it to the fullest bec our attention was more to chatting with family n the food was always disappearing from the grill b4 we had the chance to grab a stick of satay :-/

Abt baking in Sg - I had trouble getting the whipped cream (from NL)to set as fillings for eclairs (was showing my sisters how to make them). Apparently the room temp in Sg was too warm. My hubby helped with a bowl of crushed ice under the whipping bowl but it still failed. Eventually we just put the 3 liters in the freezer n it tasted like a greasy sort of ice cream. I just wonder if u hv similar trouble, for eg. with chocolate, as it tends to melt at room temp there ? How best to tackle this situation ?

SheR. said...

Ha.. we had satay too. But we were wiser. We bought it from the hawker centre. Together with those sinful BBQ Chicken Wings! Wow!!

I had no such problem with Whipping Cream. I suggest you get one with about 18% fat content. Not the Thickened Cream (artificially thickened with cornstarch). Double Cream does work for me. It's best you use a food processor to whip it up as quick as possible. Then leave it in the freezer. If you are still having difficulties, opt for custard cream or creme patissiere as fillings for your eclairs instead like how the French do it!

Chocolates.. no choice. Chill them in the fridge. Yeah to stop the ants for taking a bite too! :P

Hope these help!

C K said...

Your cousin must be thrilled to have a personal chef preparing customized cookies for the wedding. I believe it would cost a small bomb to have that in Singapore.

Speaking of BBQ chicken wings... hmm, probably I should try to prepare some over the weekend.

SheR. said...

No lah.. Me no personal chef.
Just a small favour I can do for my cousin. I just hope she had a great time.

What's the recipe for BBQ chicken wings? Used 5 spice powder?? My little Sng Gah growing happily in this treacherous weather! Hope I get to eat some next year!

Alexys Fairfield said...

Yummy! They say that one should never shop while hungry and I must add that one should not visit here on an empty stomach.

I know it is as good as it looks.

SheR. said...

Hi Alexys.
Thanks for the compliments :)
Do drop by anytime for more seconds.

Dutchie said...

18% fats ? Gosh, I never really looked at that content. Will check it out if it's available here as hubby says it's probably 40%. The dutch r great with their whipped cream cakes .. yum ..

I still hv a tin of Bird's Eye Custard Powder bought in Sg. Turned out it's just cornflour with a yellow coloring. Quite useless for dessert as suggested on the tin .. sigh ..

We had a communal BBQ pit on the playground, so hv to give it a "baptism" once a while - haha. With 30 guests, it's better to eat out there as well. Very little washing-up thereafter as we had lots of disposals :-)

SheR. said...

Hi Dutchie.
I guess we get all the full fat versions in Europe with regards to Cream. Hee.. But do look out for the fat content when you are in Singapore. I did try to make my Chocolate Ganache using a Double Cream (I think 30+ % fats) and the whole Ganache ended looking really oily! That's what happened to the messy Petits Fours in the picture! So I know what you mean by the greasy ice cream!

Oh.. Custard Powder. I don't use that, we patissieres make our own custard. If you want the recipe, just drop me a note. All you need is Eggs Yolks, sugar and Cornstarch!

I'm so craving for a BBQ right now!!!

Lotus Flower said...

Whatever its 'imperfections', I would love to eat and delight those baked by you. I am not a very big eater of pastries but made by you? Anytime. Oh but how long do I have to imagine. Who knows, when I visit Croatia? It is good to dream, huh!

Cheers Sher!

Dutchie said...

Tks Sher - ur custard cream sounds like the dutch baker's cream. I dare not use that bec it involves alot of egg yolks (u can hear my hubby in the background moaning abt clogged arteries :-s)

We hv butter puff pastry in cone shapes or as 2 layers, filled with this baker's cream. Yum lah ! This week I seemed obsessed with egg tarts n creme bruleƩ .. both tricky to make bec they dont always solidify to perfection :-/ Ended up baking egg biscuits topped with dessicated coconuts. Hubby was full of praise as usual. He's always there to encourage me bec I tend to take my failed baking session very hard.

SheR. said...

>>Hey Lotus Flower!
Maybe it's not too long. Who knows? You might get to eat it in SG? :)

What about clogged arteries when these pastries are so awesome?! :P

The trick to anything custard is temperature control and patience to wait.

Remember, bake at 100 degrees C. Takes forever but your custards won't break. To see if they are baked, shake the tray a little. The custard always wobble when still raw. When the area of wobbliness (??) reduced to that of a 50 cent (SGD!), you can take them out as they will continue to cook. If you cook them till they set completely, the custards will be overcooked while standing!

Keep baking! :)